What Do Marketers Want?

Here at ClickZ, we devote a lot of what used to be called “ink” to issues surrounding customers — finding them, keeping them, communicating with them, and making them happy.

Our columnists advise that if you wish to know what your customers want, ask ’em. So, in the spirit of reassessment and renewal that accompanies every new year, we’re asking that question of our favorite consumers — you. What do you, as marketers, need to know to do your jobs better in 2002? (A preemptive note to you wise guys out there: Nope, we’re not sending cash.)

Email marketing is a white-hot issue. We plan to bring you much more on the topic, including a brand new section of the site devoted to the subject, a new email column, and a ClickZ conference on all things email.

But email is a vast subject. It encompasses lists, permission and privacy issues, spam, messaging, outsourcing, content development, newsletters, case studies, personalization, data analysis, measuring return on investment (ROI), and a panoply of technology choices. What issues related to email marketing would you like ClickZ to address? What do you need to know to execute that campaign, launch that newsletter, or craft that offer in a way that will make you a star in the eyes of your client, your boss, or both?

This is not going to be an easy year. Many of us are grateful to have made it this far with our jobs intact. With a rocky road ahead, we want to help you breathe easier, at least job-wise.

Are you trying to build a brand? A Web site? Do you find yourself at sea when trying to buy media by the Cs (CPMs and CPAs, not to mention TRPs and GRPs)? Wondering just how rich a recession-era budget must be to pay for rich media?

We’re here to help. And the cost of a ClickZ subscription (free) won’t put another hole in your beleaguered budget. Let me employ the framework of marketing terminology. It works like this: Call to action: Tell us what you need to know.

Value proposition: Our columnists (who aren’t journalists, but rather practioners like yourselves) will draw from a deep reservoir of knowledge and experience to help.


Mission statement: ClickZ helps interactive marketers do their jobs better.

So please click here, and let’s get to work!

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