What Might New Yahoo Search Mean for Advertisers?

yahoo_goodlogo.gifSo, Yahoo is revamping it search results, in part by including video and image results along with standard text results. Ask.com and Microsoft have been making similar adjustments to accommodate the increasingly video-centric Web, and Google made a big splash in May with its Universal Search launch.

What’s the “new Yahoo Search” mean for advertisers? At this point, you’ll probably hear the same speculation about that as we heard back when Google’s Universal Search launched.

We could see more multimedia ads — video, other rich, interactive display units — available in and around search results. Another thing surmised when Google’s new search came out also might apply to Yahoo: more interest in Yahoo search from brand advertisers. While search has long been primarily the domain of direct response advertisers, the fact that brand advertisers tend to have a lot of image-, audio- and video-based content means they might want to optimize that content to take advantage of the new multimedia search results, or pay to get their multimedia assets in the results.

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