What’s most important to media buyers?

Microsoft and Google have polar opposite approaches to ad sales, according to Joanne Bradford, corporate VP of sales and marketing for Microsoft’s Digital Advertising Solutions, and chief revenue officer.

Speaking on social responsibility at the Museum of Television and Radio Wednesday, Bradford joked about ad sales people suffering doubly, for being in the advertising business and being in sales. She suggested those in the industry should act socially responsible as a way to redeem themselves.

At the end of her talk, it was pointed out that Google’s attitude toward sales people is to get rid of them, as Google CEO Eric Schmidt has said publicly that automation can replace ad sales people in many cases, improving the process and the experience for buyers.

Bradford said that when Microsoft surveyed advertisers, a relationship was at the top of the list of what they feel is important in a media company. In fact, price, which is what Google seems to be optimizing its business to deliver, came in last in order of importance:
1. A relationship — advertisers want to know who they’re buying from.
2. Quality of service must be high.
3. The ad product itself must be worth buying.
4. Price must be right.

What do you think? Where do you rank price, product, service and relationships when considering a media buy?

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