WhenU Launches Comparison Shopping Tool

Adware provider WhenU has launched a comparison shopping tool to complement its desktop ad-serving product.

Dubbed TrueRelevance, the technology works with its permission-based desktop advertising software, WhenU Save. When a user with the software installed visits a Web page selling a particular product or service, that user will receive competitive offers from WhenU advertisers or one of its comparison shopping engine partners.

“We’re helping consumers make smarter purchasing decisions on-the-fly while enabling marketers to reach consumers who are actively engaged in shopping for specific products or services,” said Bill Day, WhenU’s CEO. “Most importantly, we’re providing this functionality in a permission-based format that does not compromise the privacy, security or smooth functioning of the consumer’s computer.”

The software has been successful in the travel category, where click-through rates rose from 4 percent to 13.8 percent — with steady conversion rates — since the rollout last month, according to Day.

TrueRelevance determines relevant offers by examining the structure of the Web page offering a product or service for sale. To address privacy concerns, the software doesn’t use tracking cookies, transmit logs showing the consumer’s Web browsing or purchasing history, or collect personally identifiable information or behavioral data. WhenU has been attempting to clean up its image for over a year in an effort to distance itself from other adware vendors and spyware purveyors.

WhenU Save with TrueRelevance is available for download from WhenU, and is bundled for download with applications and content from WhenU’s distribution partners.

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