Who Knew Santa Uses VoIP?

VoIP phone provider Vonage is calling on the red-suited, white-bearded jolly one to help it with CRM this holiday season. It’s sending out e-mails to tell customers there’s no need to go to the mall and wait in line to speak with Santa. “Now, from your Vonage line, you can have your little ones dial *101 and leave a message for good ol’ Saint Nick!,” the e-mail missive reads.

Calls are free on Vonage phones from December 8 up until Christmas day. Clever e-mail copy assures readers they can leave a message whether they’ve been naughty or nice. (Naughty message-leavers might find a lump of coal in their voicemail inbox, however.)

Here’s a landing page for the effort.

UPDATE: I would be remiss if I didn’t say how lame it is that Vonage is only letting kids leave a message, rather than talk, to Santa Claus. How interactive is that?

UPDATE2: Ok, so there is some interaction, it turns out. Vonage has just announced it is choosing 10 callers randomly and giving them the toy they asked for.

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