Who’s Sick of GoogTube? Anyone?

snowboarder.jpgAll I can say is, please, please don’t let this GoogTube thing catch on. Somehow I think it’s too late. It seems like every RSS feed and blog post I’ve read in the past week that touches on either Google or YouTube has employed this dreaded conflation.

I recognize the temptation to condense things down to their essence, both for the sake of typing time and, more important, industry insider cred. But this one just leads my mind wandering in too many directions, none of which is in the realm of search engines or online video.

Instead, here’s what I think the term GoogTube ought to define:

– An implement used to snort a designer drug

– Something employed by a proctologist

– A killer winter sport, as in “Dude, I totally jammed my skeez GoogTubin’ at Shasta this weekend.”

– The time warp an obsessed industry blogger falls into after over-analyzing an acquisition

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