Why is NetRatings Not on ARF’s Research Quality Committee?

Post by Kate Kaye:

Today we reported on the Ad Research Foundation’s new initiative to develop guidelines for panel-based research online. I asked Nielsen//NetRatings, an ARF member, why the company doesn’t have a representative on the steering committee for the Online Research Quality Council.

Nielsen came back with a statement from its VP of Product Marketing and Measurement Science Mainak Mazumdar:

“Nielsen is an active member of the ARF and NetRatings participates in a number of its initiatives. In the case of this initiative, the council appears — at least based on its members — to be looking at online access panels as opposed to the metered media and market research panels that we focus on at NetRatings. We continue to be involved with the various industry bodies, including the ARF, IAB and MRC — and are actively involved in the accreditation process with the MRC.”

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