Wireless Watch for May 27, 2004

U.S. Air Force Tries SMS Promo

The United States Air Force is poised to launch a text messaging trivia game.

The promo will be available to wireless subscribers at three different events during the Air Force’s “Cross Into the Blue” recruiting and public relations tour. By entering a short code, attendees can participate in the “Air Force Snap Decisions” SMS trivia game, which will award prizes for correct answers.

The campaign was jointly created by mobile marketing firm Mobliss and interactive agency Tribal DDB Worldwide.

“This game will be an excellent way to engage audiences at these events. We are delighted to partner with Tribal DDB to create this mobile marketing campaign for The United States Air Force,” said Mobliss CEO Brian Levin.

FCUK Pulls Trigger on Transatlantic Mobile Campaign

FCUK rolled out a mobile marketing and CRM program in the U.S. and U.K. to promote its new digital radio station, FCUK FM.

Powered by mobile-focused agency Marvellous Mobile, and wireless marketing firm Enpocket, the campaign combines a multi-channel call-to-action with a text-and-win model. Outdoor, print, Web and in-store ads encourage mobile users in the U.S. and U.K. to text to a common short code, 8FCUK, to qualify for giveaways including gift certificates and t-shirts.

FCUK hopes campaign respondents will opt in to receive future SMS communiquis and specialized mobile content. FCUK FM broadcasts on the Web and in 1,500 FCUK stores.

Mobile Portal for the Urban Crowd

UrbanWorld Wireless (UWW) launched a mobile content and information portal geared to the U.S. urban market.

Catering to “young, hip mobile phone users,” the new portal follows in the footsteps of affinity-based wireless communities like Upoc, Blah! and SMS.ac. Phone users can download ringtones, wallpaper and video games directly to their device from the Web interface.

UrbanWorld Wireless users can subscribe to receive exclusive “Party Alertz,” premium-rate SMS messages sent when an urban party or event is scheduled in their selected city. Alerts are available for Chicago, Los Angeles and New York for AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless and Cingular subscribers. Additional cities and carriers will be added soon, UWW said.

The portal also offers exclusive “True Tonez,” ringtones that are essentially MP3s, from featured DJs and recording artists. Tracks from DJ Kid Capri, E-40 and Truth Hurts are offered as part of the initial rollout. The site is powered by Acotel.

Adults Not Down With Mobile Marketing

Adult mobile phone users tend to be disdainful of mobile marketing, according to a January survey by research and consulting firm FIND/SVP. The company’s poll of 1,000 randomly selected adults found 56 percent of respondents would rather not receive text messages from companies they already have dealings with; while 44 percent said they would be okay with it. The average age of those surveyed was 42.

FIND/SVP speculate mobile marketing acceptance would skew much higher in a survey of 18 to 34-year-olds.

“Since Generation Y continues to make up the greater percentage of wireless users who are open to new marketing channels, the acceptance of these methods will increase,” said FIND/SVP Consultant Kieth Kirkpatrick.

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