With Ads, Google Rivals Try to Break the Borg’s Spell

Picture 2.png
The other search engines are getting busy pitching their products directly to consumers. The screen grab above is from an e-mail Yahoo sent to my personal address. True to form, the portal takes the lifestyle approach.

Ask’s TV spots go all out for the emotional connection. This one shows a small guy on a big guy’s shoulders (“If you don’t Ask.com, you don’t get.”) Another shows founder Apostolos Gerasoulis with his ten-year-old son Eli, who says, “Google isn’t better, it’s just more popular.” Then of course there’s the Bigfoot-goes-on-a-date spot.

Microsoft meanwhile tackles the reasoning businessperson with a full page spread in the The Wall Street Journal last week. Copy sensibly plays up the “first inning” meme and talks about Virtual Earth’s 3d mapping features.

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