With New Web Campaign, TAG Heuer Shows What It’s Made Of

Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey has launched a sports star-studded interactive ad campaign for watchmaker TAG Heuer that promises to be the biggest online effort to date for the company. The holiday marketing effort includes more than 26 million impressions in November and December on sites including NYTimes.com, Yahoo.com, PGA.com, InStyle.com, CNNMoney.com and Style.com.

The ads will feature Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova and Jeff Gordon and a new call-to-action that asks “What Are You Made Of?”

In the individual executions, Woods, Sharapova and Gordon will describe their personal and professional challenges “and how these feats have shaped what they are made of,” according to TAG Heuer. The celebrities will also talk about principals they share with TAG Heuer, and explain why they agreed to serve as the company’s ad spokespeople.

Executions consist of an animated “parent” leader board at the top of the Web page, accompanied by an initially static “child” banner farther down on the page. Action that begins in the upper board — such as Tiger Woods hitting a golf ball — will conclude in the lower board, with the ball appearing and shattering the text.

A viewer who clicks on either board is taken to a landing page, where the “What Are You Made Of?” theme continues through the use of images of TAG Heuer watches.

Bagby and Co. of Chicago created the ads, while Beyond Interactive handled media planning and buying. TAG Heuer public relations director Rachel Branch said the project has been in the works for about six months.

“We are just starting out and we already spent over a million dollars,” she said. “We are just of out of the gate… We do print. We do outdoor. But to be totally competitive, you want to add online to the mix. For us, in terms of the watch industry, this is pretty avant-garde and that’s sort of in our DNA.”

TAG Heuer declined to reveal the campaign’s overall budget.

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