World Cup Roundup #1

soccer ball.jpgThere’s much digital excitement afoot today, the first day of the World Cup soccer tournament. A few tidbits to accompany my earlier story.

  • Google is honoring the occasion with one of its signature front page “doodles.” It’s also using its front page to offer users the chance to add a World Cup module (by on their Google personalized home pages. SEW blog covers what the search world is doing.
  • After the earlier news story, someone from pinged me to chide me for the “gaping hole” in our coverage. Yes, I’d focused on English-language offerings, but claims it’ll be home to the largest World Cup Spanish online audience. It’ll stream near-live highlights and is working with Verizon VCAST to stream highlights to subscribers’ mobile phones. Other mobile offerings will be distributed via T-Mobile.
  • Lycos is taking a very different tack, offering “all of the craziness and none of the scores” — basically focusing on the cultural aspect of the event, rather than the games — on a video channel.

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