World Cup Traffic Scores Worldwide Audience

The World Cup will commence in on June 9, but pregame traffic to the official Yahoo-hosted site grew to almost 6 million uniques in April. That’s according to data released by comScore Networks.

Traffic resulted predominantly from nations where the sport is called “football” rather than “soccer.” In April, the site received 5.7 million visitors, up from 4.2 million in March. Of the 30 countries that had visitors to the event’s official site, 2.9 million visitors, or 51 percent, originated from Europe. Seventeen percent of the traffic was from the Asia Pacific region, and 12 percent was from Latin America. Africa and the Middle East, and North America each generated 10 percent of the site’s traffic.

Worlidwide Traffic to the Official World Cup Web Site, April 2006
Location Unique Visitors (000) Percentage of Total
Worldwide 5,706 100
Europe 2,906 51
Asia Pacific 977 17
Latin America 709 12
Africa/Middle East 561 10
North America 552 10
Note: The official World Cup site is
Source: comScore Networks, Inc., 2006

Germany will host this year’s event and represented 22 percent of site visitors. Thirteen percent of visitors came from Japan, while Latin America represented 12 percent of the total traffic volume.

“Without a doubt, the traffic we see coming from Latin America reflects the popularity of the sport within the region,” said Bob Ivins, managing director of comScore Europe.

Traffic from the region overcomes the lower Internet population throughout Latin American countries. “Since the tournament began in 1930, Brazil has won more than any other team, a total of five wins,” said Ivins. “Brazil also holds the trophy and is favored to win this year’s tournament.”

The site is available in more than seven languages. Forty-three percent of visitors opted for English dialect, while 24 percent accessed the German language version.

“Major brands can reach consumers worldwide in a very cost-effective manner, as long as they utilize the capabilities of online advertising to adapt their message to the local user,” said Ivins.

Worldwide Traffic to Local Language Sections of the Official Cup Web Site, April 2006
Language Section Unique Visitors (000) Percentage of Total
Total traffic 5,706 100
English 2,480 43
German 1,371 24
Spanish 582 10
Japanese 580 10
French 335 6
Portuguese 320 6
Italian 226 4
1. Percentages add to more than 100 due to some visits by the same user to more than one local language site.
2. The official World Cup site is
Source: comScore Networks, Inc., 2006

Data are derived from comScore’s World Metrix panel, which uses passively collected behavioral data from people in 171 countries, representing approximately 99 percent of the world’s online population.

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