WPP Acquires L.A.-Based Schematic

With a new acquisition of L.A.-based digital design agency Schematic, WPP has solidified its position among most acquisitive agency conglomerates when it comes to sniffing out the remaining truffles of independent digital talent.

Schematic was founded eight years ago to work in all digital platforms, including digital TV formats, mobile and the Web. It now employs 225 people in five American cities and one Latin American country (Costa Rica). Clients have included Coke, SanDisk, Panasonic and Target, but it’s capabilities also run to development of original Web content for big media. A year ago it was involved in the development of an online program for MSN, called “Fan Club: Reality Baseball,” and many other entertainment companies have used its services (NBCU, Disney, Time Warner, Turner).

The purchase follows close on the heels of WPP’s acquisition of 24/7 Real Media, but couldn’t be more different in nature. Whereas 24/7 Real Media is all technology and traffic aggregation, Schematic is a brand-and experience-centered organization — one more fundamental to the business of creating ads.

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