WPP Creates Unit to Streamline Digital Production Across Agencies

WPP is attempting to streamline its digital production capabilities with the formation of Deliver, a global network that will serve all its digital agencies and clients.

Neil Prescott, 49, former EVP and global head of technology enablement at Publicis-owned Digitas, has been brought on as Deliver CEO.

WPP currently maintains digital production facilities in parts of Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and South America where labor is cheaper than areas such as Western Europe or North America. Deliver will seek to expand into new territories that could provide cost-effective digital production.

There will be no relocation of existing digital production staff, said Prescott.

“We like to think of it as a network because we’re not moving the resources into Deliver,” he said. “They’re staying with their home agencies where they are today. This is just another channel to get at them.”

Deliver will not just expand digital production into new areas, but consult with clients to ensure they are making the most effective and cost-efficient use of WPP’s interactive capabilities. It will also foster cooperation between production houses and encourage sharing of best practices.

“Deliver is going to market, improve the quality, and ensure the consistent process by which we use offshore resources and get various production partners to share best practices across each other,” said Prescott. “It will also help client and client agencies select the right partner for particular digital production jobs.”

WPP currently has about 700 staff members working in digital production. Deliver itself will have only “a small staff,” according to Prescott.

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