WSJ Says End of M&A? Hardly.

The Wall Street Journal today has a story announcing the end of the M&A boom. But, as anyone who watches the online ad industry knows, it’s all about M&A in these parts.

“The global mergers-and-acquisition boom that began in 2003, the greatest deal frenzy in history, is winding down,” notes the story, which blames the drop in credit confidence that fueled buyouts as the culprit.

“The last deals boom, which ended in 2001, was propelled by a rising stock market, especially in the technology sector,” continues the story. “That enabled companies to use their inflated stock as currency to make bold bids for corporate icons. The pinnacle of that boom was America Online’s acquisition of Time Warner.”

Of course, this particular report is looking at gigantic multi-billion dollar deals. The biggest we’ve gotten in our little neck of the woods is Microsoft’s $6 billion aQuantive buy.

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