WSJ: Web Industry Gossip or Real Deals?

The Wall Street Journal reported today that “NBC and YouTube are close to finalizing an agreement in which NBC will buy ads on YouTube while the site will post clips of coming NBC shows provided by the network.”

Though the story offered no further detail, I did check in with Julie Supan, YouTube’s senior director of marketing, who told me “we do not have a relationship (formal or informal) with NBC. While we have been ‘in discussions’ with them since February, there is no deal. We are in discussions with all the major networks, movie studios and record labels. But, there is no relationship without signed contracts.”

Of course responses like this are standard until all the papers have been signed and both sides are cool with disclosure, however, The Journal seems to be making a habit of making news out of what may be non-deals (competing as a traditional pub in the immediate new media world is tough). Last month the paper reported that mobile marketing firm Third Screen Media was to be acquired by Microsoft. I spoke with more than one exec at Third Screen who told me they were in talks with several companies regarding acquisition and/or other opportunities and it really isn’t as big as the Journal made it out to be.

But I guess you never know until the big announcement….

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