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Q. How do I subscribe?
A. Please see our “Newsletters” page for details. You must reply to a confirmation email for each newsletter. It will be sent – as will all newsletters – from the domain “newsletters.clickz.com”. You may need to configure your spam filter to accept email from this domain.

Q. How do I unsubscribe/change my subscription?
A. Scroll to the bottom of any newsletter and click on the link, “Update your details.” You can update your subscription information on this page.

Q. How do I change my subscription address?
A. Scroll to the bottom of any newsletter and click on the link, “Update your details.”

Q. I don’t remember signing up for your newsletter. Why am I receiving it?
A. ClickZ uses only confirmed double opt-in subscriptions. For your address to be added to our lists, you must sign up via one of our subscription pages and respond to a confirmation email. If you wish to unsubscribe, please see above.

Q. How can I ensure I get my newsletter? (i.e., it’s not blocked by spam filters)
A. While we can’t provide instructions for how to add us to the whitelist on all email systems (there are too many!), we can tell you all newsletters are sent from the domain “newsletters.clickz.com.” Please use this domain (not the entire sender address, which varies) when configuring email or spam filter rules, if you use them.

Q. Your website/newsletters are doing wacky things to my browser/email client. Help!
A. That’s certainly not our intention! We’d like to help. Please email us. It’s important to include your operating system and the names and version numbers of applications involved.


ClickZ Content Questions

Q. How do I comment on an article or send an author feedback?
You can comment on the story page by going to the bottom left-hand side of an article and clicking on “Comment” in the toolbox. Or you can click here to send feedback.

Q. I posted a comment on your site and now it’s not there. Why?
A. ClickZ encourages comments that are on topic and contribute to the discussion of the article or column at hand. We do monitor comments and may remove those that add little to the conversation, are abusive, are spam or are potentially libelous. Visit ClickZ’s About Us page for more on our Comments Policy.

Q. How do I become a ClickZ Experts columnist?
A. Review our submission guidelines on how to become a ClickZ columnist. Your pitch must include the column topic, several column ideas, and a writing sample. To send your pitch, click here. We consider only long-term columnists and never run “one-off” submissions. Pitches sent on behalf of the writer, rather than from the writer himself, will not be considered.

Q. How and to whom should I submit press releases for ClickZ News and Stats, or Experts?
A. Press releases should be emailed to the appropriate section editor. Please refer to our masthead here for contact information.

Q. Do you have an editorial calendar?
A. ClickZ News and Stats are news-driven and do not publish editorial calendars. ClickZ Experts does have a regular schedule.


Advertising Questions

Q. How do I advertise on ClickZ?
A. Please take a look at our advertising guidelines or contact Sales directly.


Reprints, Licensing, & Permission Questions

Q. I want to link to an article or column. Is that OK?
A. Yes.

Q. May we reprint/reproduce/post/use a screen shot of an article or a column?
A. Reprint requests may be sent to our Production Department via postal mail: Haymarket House, 28-29 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4RX, United Kingdom, or email: reprints@incisivemedia.com. Reprints may be subject to a fee.


ClickZ Marketing Excellence Awards Questions

Q. What are the ClickZ Connected Marketing Awards?
A. The connected marketing awards recognize the brands and organizations that have taken innovative approaches to connect with their audiences – and deliver positive business outcomes.

Q. What’s different about the awards this year?
A. While last year’s awards recognized ad technologies, we’ve switched our approach. Keeping to the missions of ClickZ and Search Engine Watch, we’re seeking to bring attention to world-class marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Q. Where can I find a list of winners?
A. You can find past winners on the Awards page.

Q. Can I nominate someone for an Excellence Award?
A. Watch this space for the 2012 dates.


Policy Questions

Q. Are you following me?
A. Never. Everyone’s clicks are collected in an anonymous pool and not tracked back. We are able to provide relevancy without following any individuals. Like any publisher, we employ (erasable) cookies to help you see what’s interesting and adhere to Incisive Media’s Privacy Policy.

Q. Your columnist writes “A,” but ClickZ does “B.” Why don’t you follow your own writers’ advice?
A. ClickZ Experts are just that – interactive marketing practitioners. We respect their opinions but don’t necessarily agree with everyone all of the time (bet you don’t, either). Fostering thought and healthy debate helps keep our industry alive and growing.


Questions About Us

Q. Where does the name ClickZ come from?
A. One could say it dates us – or serves as proof of our credibility as industry veterans. ClickZ was intended to be pronounced “clicks.” It was named in that era of the early Web when it was very much in vogue to use “z” to indicate a plural: gurlz, warez. It was also accepted wisdom at the time that what marketers sought online were… clicks. Bottom line: It became “click-zee” by default. What was a mispronunciation is now the correct pronunciation.

Q. How long has ClickZ been around?
A. ClickZ’s first issue went live at 12:01 a.m. on April 1, 1997. Our sister site, ClickZ.asia, launched Sept. 13, 2010. ClickZ is now the largest resource of interactive marketing news, information, commentary, advice, opinion, research, and reference in the world, online or off-. From search to email, technology to trends, our coverage is expert, exclusive, and in-depth. Our About Us page has more info.