Xpedite’s messageREACH

messageREACH is the high-volume email service of Xpedite. It includes subscription management, list building and hosting, and message tracking and reporting. Create and maintain a permission-based, opt-in database from which you can deliver targeted, personalized email marketing campaigns. Learn more about your subscribers by allowing them to tell you what they want to see, read, and buy. messageREACH will collect this information in real time and let your subscribers manage their profiles as often as they like. Next, query these preferences along with other key data and demographics to create dynamic destination lists.

messageREACH’s email delivery, collection, and tracking service is designed for high-volume broadcast and transactional applications — newsletters, promotions, confirmations, or statements. It manages all inbound replies, removal requests, and bad addresses. Delivery reports are available on demand.

Solutions offered are:

  • messageREACH offers Web-based messaging to unlimited numbers of email destinations with automated personalization, logo overlays, and graphical enhancements. It features multiple attachments and trackable URL links to other Web sites or files hosted on its system. Updated reports on click-through activity by individual recipients are available online. Detailed final reports are sent automatically upon job completion.

  • messageREACH 1:1 offers services for transaction-based messaging, such as financial statements, invoices, confirmation notices, purchase orders, reservations, and e-tickets. Solutions are customized for integration.

    An audit trail accounts for every message sent through messageREACH. Inbound replies are automatically forwarded. Requests for removal from lists and undeliverable addresses are automatically collected and forwarded upon request.

  • Automated Invoice Management (AIM) can be integrated with your company accounting system to streamline operations and dramatically reduce invoicing costs. The electronic invoicing solution will shorten the billing cycle with rapid delivery of invoices by email or fax to any number of recipients.

    You can also send automated bill availability and overdue payment notifications through the voiceREACH, messageREACH, and faxREACH services. Some of AIM’s features are click-to-pay options with early payment incentives, look and feel of your current invoices, tracking monthly promotions for effectiveness, resending invoices on the fly, and links allow “one-click” viewing to avoid email size restrictions.

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