Yahoo Acquired Mobile Marketing Firm, and Other Mobile Buys

Word in the blogosphere is Yahoo acquired mobile marketing technology company Actionality. From the little information provided on the site, the Munich-based Actionality offers AdFlex, a platform with the ability to develop mobile commercials in a standardized format, and includes rich media capabilities.

Posts about the unconfirmed acquisition appeared first on Mobile Entertainment, with several linking back. ClickZ got confirmation. A spokesperson said, “I can confirm that we have acquired Actionality and that the acquisition is part of Yahoo’s ongoing focus on becoming #1 in mobile advertising. With the technology and team from Actionality, Yahoo will be able to deliver the most relevant and context-sensitive ads to consumers and help advertisers reach their target consumers.”

Yahoo’s mobile offerings center primarily around its OneSearch, which it rolled out earlier this year. Yahoo’s acquisition follows Microsoft’s acquisition of ScreenTonic, and AOL’s buy of Third Screen Media.

In other mobile acquisition news, Medio Systems acquired Suhari, which has an ad network it calls AdIN. Medio hopes to leverage Suhari’s experience to build out its off-deck publishers on the Medio Mobile Now ad network. Medio has established its on-deck search with a presence on Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and TELUS Mobility.

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