Yahoo Body Count: 490 Axed in CA

Of 1,000 employees laid off this week from Yahoo, nearly one half came from the Golden State.

In addition to those laid off, others are voluntarily fleeing the company that’s a target of a Microsoft takeover. The layoffs were announced Jan. 29, a few days before Microsoft’s $44.6 billion bid.

In California, Yahoo canned 236 workers from its Sunnyvale headquarters, 111 in Burbank, 91 from Santa Clara, 52 in Santa Monica, according to a report in the SF Chronicle. The company’s search advertising business is reportedly based in Burbank, while Santa Monica is home to its media properties.

Yahoo hasn’t disclosed where other layoffs took place.

A New York labor department spokesman told ClickZ that Yahoo hasn’t filed a notice of layoffs in New York. He said a company that lays off more than 50 workers is required to file a notice 60 days in advance. One exception: if the company lays off the workers and gives them 60-day severance.

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