Yahoo Generates Most Search Traffic

Data released by WebSideStory has found that almost half of all the Internet traffic generated from search engines can be traced to Yahoo.

Yahoo generates twice the search traffic as its closest competitor, Excite. The data comes from the 20 million unique visitors that visit the 50,00 Web sites that use the HitBox Tracker to analyze visitors.

At the end of March, Yahoo was responsible for 45.92 percent of all referals to Web sites, while Excite accounted for 21.68 percent, according to WebSideStory (see table).

The San Diego-based company claims to represent the largest sampling of Internet users to provide trends and usage patterns.

Top Referring Search Engines
Rank Site Percent of
1. Yahoo 45.92%
2. Excite 21.68%
3. Alta Vista 9.70%
4. Infoseek 5.32%
5. Web Crawler 3.35%
6. HotBot 3.42%
7. Snap 3.09%
8. MSN 2.32%
9. Lycos 1.83%
10. GoTo 1.69%
Source: WebSideStory

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