Yahoo Hopes Council Can Quell Advertiser Concerns

Yahoo’s taking it from all sides over its impending search ad partnership with Google. The latest group to complain is The World Federation of Advertisers, which has requested that the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition block the deal. The organization of organizations believes it will be a detriment to competition and increase ad prices worldwide.

In part to foster a dialogue with advertisers concerned about the deal, Yahoo has launched a Digital Advisory Council which “will work collaboratively to explore the continued evolution of digital media and online advertising,” according to a press release.

“As questions emerge about how Yahoo will implement [the Google agreement], the Advisory Council will provide a forum for us to engage in a dialogue with key customers on those issues,” stated Yahoo EVP Hilary Schneider in the release. The group will convene for the first time in Q4 of this year.

According to a Yahoo spokesperson, unnamed advertisers have already joined, including “large advertisers and agencies; small to medium-sized advertisers; and SEM-only agencies.”

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