Yahoo Leads in Search Referrals

Yahoo accounts for 43.55 percent of all search engine referrals, according to statistics gathered by WebSideStory’s

The statistics mark a 7 percent increase in the amount of Web traffic referred by Yahoo since January of 1999. Conversely, market share id own 60 percent for Excite in the same period, and Excite now accounts for less than 10 percent of referrals

Excite’s search engine referrals fell from approximately 24 percent in the first quarter of 1999 to 9.85 percent on August 29. The decline of Excite-based search referrals may be linked to the June 14 agreement between America Online and Inktomi, which replaced Excite-powered Netfind searches with Inktomi’s search engine. gathers its information from more than 35,000,000 unique daily visitors to more than 130,000 Web sites using WebSide Story’s HitBOX® Web traffic analysis technology.

Top Search Engine Referrals
Rank Search Engine Percent
1. Yahoo 43.55%
2. Alta Vista 10.49%
3. Excite 9.85%
4. Infoseek 7.60%
5. AOL Netfind 4.34%
6. MSN 3.96%
7. GoTo 3.84%
8. Lycos 3.72%
9. HotBot 3.42%
10. WebCrawler 2.94%

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