Yahoo Rich Search for Politics

Wow…is it just me or could Yahoo’s new video-enabled search listings be HUGE for political advertisers? They love search — the Obama camp alone spent at least $7.5 million on Google ads in 2008. And they often use search to drive traffic to video on their sites. This could convince some political advertisers that the Web can be used for persuasion: Just think, someone can search on a candidate’s name or an issue, and watch the candidate’s TV spot or a persuasive video right there.

From what I know about what appeals to political advertisers, they should like this offering a lot. I guess it will come down to cost.

Oh, and by the way, Yahoo, if you’re listening, political advertisers would love a donation-related feature added….

I expect to bring this up at my political search panel at the Search Engine Strategies conference in NYC next month.


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