Yahoo Search Maketing Adds Quality Score Alerts, PayPal Billing

At SES yesterday, Yahoo introduced some new features for Yahoo Search Marketing advertisers. They include adding PayPal as a payment option, the introduction of a quality score alert system that notifies individual advertisers when their score drops, and enhancing the ad creation process. The latter group of changes includes these items, taken verbatim from the company’s announcement:

* Advertisers will be able to create, edit, copy, delete and view all saved ads (up to 20) for an ad group and in one place. And view the performance of their ads against one another with one click.

* Additionally, advertisers will be able to view examples of ads using selected keywords. A best practices tip sheet will be available to view directly in the interface.

* Lastly, once a new ad is created, advertisers will be prompted to create another one. Creating a second ad activates ad testing, which allows advertisers to compare how ads in a specific ad group are performing against one another in order to help improve quality index score.

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