Yahoo’s Bartz: Apt Ad Platform Was ‘Over-Promised’

When Yahoo unveiled a new local ad sales relationship with AT&T earlier this week, it made no mention of Apt, even though the display ad platform will be the backbone for the relationship. Why, when it was at the heart of Yahoo’s plans for the future less than one year ago? Remember Yahoo’s Advertising Week launch party featuring Mad Men star Jon Hamm?

During the company’s Q2 earnings call, CEO Carol Bartz explained why Apt appeared to be playing a smaller role in Yahoo’s external communications.

“Apt was over-promised,” she said in response to an investor’s question. “Both the advertisers and our own sales people have to do a lot of steps just to pass the information between…systems.”

But she insisted Yahoo is not backing away from the product. “Apt is a large part of making buying easier,” she said. “It’s got great architecture. It’s just got to get through some more releases.”

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