InfoUSA’s Yesmail offers a suite of email marketing applications and data solutions. The combination of its ASP-based applications and menu of expert client services enable clients to go from self-service to full-service or any point in between, at any point in the relationship.

Some of Yesmail’s offerings:

  • Yesmail Enterprise. Yesmail Enterprise is a CRM email marketing and analytics Web-based application, designed for “high permutation marketers,” who have hundreds of thousands of customers, large purchase and behavioral data sets, large numbers of SKUs or product offerings, and a high frequency of customer transactions or interactions.
  • Yesmail Professional. Yesmail Professional is a full-featured ASP solution geared to marketers with growing email marketing requirements and limited resources, who value ease of use and want to operate in a self-serve mode.
  • Yesmail Data Solutions. As part of infoUSA and Donnelley Marketing, Yesmail can offer a suite of data solutions designed to help marketers maximize their return on their email database assets via a three-step process:
    1. Cleanse: Complainer suppression, ECOA, and list hygiene
    2. Grow: E-mail append, list rental, and coregistration
    3. Enhance: Data append and postal address append

    Yesmail offers solutions to help clients leverage email, data, and relationship marketing best practices to improve ROI. These services fall into three main buckets:

    • Deliverability:
      • Advanced deliverability monitoring
      • Complainer suppression
      • Reserved IP

    • Program optimization:
      • Program performance analytics
      • Messaging, segmentation, and personalization strategy
      • Profiling and modeling
      • Database maintenance

    • Message management:
      • Message production
      • Message QA
      • Message scheduling
      • Technical support

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