Yet Another Million Dollar Homepage Copycat

I just stumbled upon another million dollar homepage type thing, but in order to maintain my journalistic integrity, I refuse to link to it, since doing so would only serve to contribute to its search engine ranking. OK, maybe it has nothing to do with journalistic integrity. I just don’t want to participate, period.

The site lists the top 100 bidders. So far, 478 advertisers have spent over $11,000 to be there. The minimum bid is $30.01.

I wonder what the value of this sort of thing is for advertisers. It comes as no surprise that advertisers interested in establishing or maintaining any sense of brand value have not paid to be listed on the site (from what I can see, anyway). You will, however, find the likely suspects: Human Growth Hormone hucksters, SEO consultants, and today’s top-ranking advertiser, SouthBay Software, makers of SuperCleaner Clear Internet History and Computer Cleaner (they paid $401 for that prized ranking).

Maybe I’m annoyed by this because it seems only to add to the Web’s steady stream of poor quality advertising.

Or maybe I’m just jealous.

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