“You Lie” Pol and Opponent Should Be Advertising

ClickZ News - Politics & AdvocacyBy now even if you didn’t watch or listen to President Obama’s speech on healthcare before Congress, you’ve probably heard about the “You Lie!” disruption. Rep. Joe Wilson, a South Carolina Republican blurted out, “You Lie!” when the prez said the reforms he is proposing would not apply to illegal immigrants.

Since then, his opponent in the 2010 congressional race, Rob Miller, has “reportedly raised more than $200,000 from thousands of donors since Wilson’s outburst,” according to Christian Science Monitor’s Vote Blog.

Thing is, Miller isn’t running search ads, despite the fact that his name is still high in Google’s trend rankings. (It’s currently the 19th most searched term today). Unless the Miller camp is targeting ads only to South Carolina — or not in New York where ClickZ News is — they don’t appear to be taking full advantage of this situation. And neither do Wilson’s people for that matter. Granted, I realize that doing a few random name related searches on Google and Yahoo does not provide enough data to be entirely sure that neither campaign is running ads, but if they aren’t, they’re missing a big opportunity to score even more donations in a small window of time.

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