Zimmerman and ImageSpan Partner for Auto Ads

crazylarry.jpgLocal car dealers have long been the source of some really annoying ads. After all, who doesn’t remember some cheesy talking chimpanzees or some “Crazy Larry” guy claiming he has the best deals on cars cause he’s “craaaazzzyyyyy,” all touting the local car dealership? Nevertheless, auto industry advertising is a multibillion dollar business with a growing online component, and now Zimmerman Advertising and ImageSpan are partnering to help local dealerships… hopefully… make some better ads.

Zimmerman’s Pick-n-Click Ads.com lets auto dealerships to create video or photo ads, while ImageSpan provides licensing automation technology and access to a network of 7,000 videographers and photographers. The idea is that dealers can choose from hundreds of automotive campaigns created by the automotive advertising agency, customize them with video or photos of their dealership supplied by ImageSpan video professionals, and then automatically license the content.

I can only hope that it’ll be the end of Crazy Larry for good.

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