Relevance in E-mail Marketing

Jun 10, 2010 - Relevance and targeting are about keeping customers and building loyalty and enhancing the top and bottom lines. Comments

Tread Carefully With Social Networking in E-mail

Apr 15, 2010 - Evaluating social networking tools and techniques reveals significant risks for the unwary but valuable opportunities for those who are careful and have clear objectives. Comments

The Magpies of E-mail Marketing

Feb 18, 2010 - Is hype over social networking and video in e-mail distracting us from making evolutionary improvements in the e-mail marketing channel? Comments

Twitter: Will It Implode Under the Weight of Its Hype?

Dec 24, 2009 - Use of the social network for marketing comes up short on two fronts. Comments

Seven Questions for Co-Registration Service Providers

Dec 3, 2009 - Before you use a service to develop leads for your e-mail marketing list, you should be aware of these problems and ways to protect your business against unscrupulous vendors. Comments

Turnaround Measures for E-Mail Marketers

Nov 30, 2009 - Three steps to make e-mail marketing programs more effective and avoid list fatigue. Comments

E-Mail Marketers Trip up on Quality Control

Oct 29, 2009 - While e-mail marketing gets more sophisticated, why are messages still delivered with broken links, missing images, and other shortcomings? Comments

Approaches to Building an E-mail List, Part 2

Sep 3, 2009 - How do you reach prospects not on your list? Comments

Approaches to Building an E-mail List, Part 1

Aug 6, 2009 - E-mail marketers must ensure that existing customers have a motive and opportunity to sign up to an e-mail list. Comments

E-Mail List Purchase: A Shortcut to Success?

Jul 9, 2009 - There are no shortcuts to building a good e-mail list. And list purchase, like e-mail append, is all about the shortcut. Comments

Dissecting a Major Flaw in CAN-SPAM

May 14, 2009 - Canada's proposed anti-spam legislation affords a lesson for the United States: unsolicited B2B e-mail is still spam. Comments

Six International E-Mail Marketing Challenges

Mar 12, 2009 - Factors to consider when sending e-mail to multiple countries, each with its own language, culture, and social morays. Comments

The Dangers of E-Mail Append

Jan 22, 2009 - You want to use e-mail append to create more effective e-mail marketing. But will it really help? Comments

Do the Right Thing in an E-mail Marketing Campaign

Oct 30, 2008 - Just because an e-mail marketing practice is legal doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. Comments

E-Mail Marketing History Lessons

Oct 2, 2008 - The move into new online media such as SMS, RSS, and social networking shows signs that some are repeating yesterday's mistakes. Comments

Tips for Sending a Welcome Message

Sep 4, 2008 - The first e-mail you send to a new subscriber is where you set and manage expectations. Some do's and don'ts. Comments

Three Rules for Reconfirming E-Mail Lists

Aug 7, 2008 - How to gracefully retire addresses from an e-mail list. Comments

E-mail Bounces, Hard and Soft

Jul 10, 2008 - Sort out the confusion over e-mail bounce terminology and build a more effective list. Comments

What Whitelisting's Evolution Means for Marketers

Jun 12, 2008 - A useful and important tool is not a substitute for good list hygiene. Here's why. Comments

Top Five Phrases That Raise a Red Flag

May 15, 2008 - These phrases almost always indicate that the speaker has a misconception or unreasonable expectation for e-mail marketing. Comments

Challenges of Reputation-Based Filtering

Apr 17, 2008 - Reputation-based e-mail filtering is a positive development, but one that presents new challenges to individual e-mail team members. Comments

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