RNC Video: ClickZ Chats with Chesapeake Energy About Twitter Ads

Aug 29, 2012 - The firm and its CNG Now initiative are at the RNC promoting the benefits of using natural gas, and they're targeting convention-goers on Twitter. Comments

RNC Speeches Reinforce #WeBuiltIt Twitter Theme

annromney-webuiltthis Aug 29, 2012 - The promise of the Republican National Convention's Twitter-ready daily slogans was evident last night here in Tampa. Comments

Natural Gas Group Targets RNC-Goers on Twitter

natural-gas Aug 28, 2012 - The Chesapeake Energy Corporation is spending all of its media budget on digital here at the Republican National Convention. Comments

Obama Targets Romney in Web Ads on RNC Turf

obama-tampatimes-homepage1 Aug 28, 2012 - The ad buy is reminiscent of many the Obama camp ran during the early GOP presidential primary races when splashy Obama ads ran on news sites in states including Iowa and New Hampshire. Comments

ClickZ at The RNC: Day One Photo Gallery

facebook-poster-rnc Aug 27, 2012 - The Republican National Convention was called off for the day, but there was still some action worth capturing, like a visit by Geraldo Rivera to Twitter's space. Comments

Twitter and Facebook Get Cozy at Republican Convention

fb-twitter-swag Aug 27, 2012 - The two firms are sharing a space upstairs at the Tampa Convention Center, while Google has a much more prominent room all to itself. Comments

Google Works With GOP Video Maven to Tell Story of Paul Ryan's Young Guns

lucas-baiano Aug 27, 2012 - Film created for Google and the Young Guns Network will feature search, YouTube, Google+ and other Google products. Comments

GOP Convention Themed With Twitter-Ready Slogans

romney-builtyerbiz7 Aug 24, 2012 - The four Republican National Convention themes including "We Built It" are ripe for Twitter dissemination. Comments

Tea Party Group Cries GOP Foul in Web Ads

teaparty-rnc-drudge8 Aug 23, 2012 - Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, and other tea partiers should be allowed to speak at the Republican Convention next week, proclaims ad. Comments, Under Fire From Privacy Groups

reeses-puffs-privacy Aug 22, 2012 - A collective of advocacy organizations sent letters to the Federal Trade Commission today asking the agency to investigate several branded sites aimed at kids. Comments

Romney Camp and Rove's Crossroads Use Same Digital Ad Firm

americancrossroads8 Aug 22, 2012 - Candidate campaigns are required to keep a distance from outside groups backing them but they sometimes work with the same companies, and coordination is difficult to prove. Comments

Progressive Backs Flo Against Backlash With Facebook Campaign

facebook-logout-progressive-flo Aug 21, 2012 - Insurance firm aims to stave off a consumer backlash against its brand and crimson-lipped spokes-character with Facebook campaign. Comments

Akin Isn't Dropping Out Say Web Ads as McCaskill Capitalizes on Twitter

mccaskill-twitter Aug 21, 2012 - Todd Akin's campaign aims to generate fundraising support following calls for him to drop out of the Missouri Senate race after his comment about rape. Comments

Obama Outspends Romney on Digital Ads 4:1

obama-baracksbday7 Aug 17, 2012 - Original ClickZ Politics analysis shows the Obama campaign continues widening its lead in digital ad spending over Romney. Comments

Facebook Tests News Feed Ads

facebook-newsfeedad8-12 Aug 15, 2012 - New offering lets advertisers infiltrate the news feed regardless of whether a friend has interacted with those brands. Comments

New GroupM Chief Digital Officer to Avoid Silo Effect

rob-norman-image Aug 15, 2012 - North American CEO Rob Norman said he wants to make the sprawling media agency network easier for the Googles and Facebooks of the world to deal with. Comments

White House Is First Client for Social-to-Real World Consultancy

sxd-logo-final Aug 14, 2012 - SocialxDesign is starting off with one of the biggest brand name clients in the world: The White House. Comments

Swing State Site Traffic: How Obama and Romney Did in July

Aug 10, 2012 - People in six swing states were more likely to visit Romney's site in July; Obama had strength in five. Comments

Rove-Linked Group Aimed Mobile Ads at Chicago Lollapalooza-Goers

crossroads-generation-in-accuweather Aug 8, 2012 - Crossroads Generation, a group created to capture the 2012 youth vote for Republicans, aimed mobile ads on Obama campaign turf in Grant Park, Chicago this past weekend. Comments

Microsoft Signals Commitment to Do Not Track by Default

privacy-image Aug 8, 2012 - Chief Privacy Officer Brendon Lynch reaffirmed the company's plans to automatically enable Do Not Track in the upcoming version of Internet Explorer. Comments

Nielsen Strengthens TV to Online Ad Data Link

tv-internet Aug 7, 2012 - Nielsen is partnering with Specific Media, Undertone, Videology, and Adap.TV to help advertisers reach TV audiences online. Comments

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