No. 7 Most Read Article of 2013: You Don't Need a Million Fans!

Dec 28, 2013 - Ten social media marketing tactics that don't rely on Facebook fans. Comments

Encouraging 7 Core Social Media Marketing Behaviors

social-media-marketing Nov 8, 2013 - How do you encourage desired behavior in social media marketing, but, at the same time, not do it in a way that is overly aggressive? Comments

5 Marketing Rules for Better Social Branding

harry-gold-pic-1 Oct 10, 2013 - These constant marketing truths and tactics should be kept in mind when designing and implementing social programs. Comments

Creating a Brand Drumbeat in Social Media

drumbeat Sep 11, 2013 - A good brand drumbeat can live seamlessly within the variety and diversity of opportunistic social content and not necessarily restrict you from deviating from it. Comments

7 Tactics for Social Lead Generation

social-media-passion-asia Jul 16, 2013 - A closer look at some tactics that can help add lead generation and actual measurable results into the mix of your social program. Comments

Social Success via Search

social-media-tools-map May 21, 2013 - One of the biggest things an organization can do is leverage social to propagate its materials throughout the web and add weight to them in organic search. Comments

14 Ways to Link Social and SEO

link Apr 23, 2013 - Social media marketing and SEO are attached at the hip and should always be run in tandem and concurrently. Comments

Viral Spikes: The Power of the Share

spikes Mar 26, 2013 - How many marketing tactics and programs have you constructed around encouraging social shares? Comments

10 Social Media Marketing New Year's Resolutions

2013-goals Jan 4, 2013 - Select a few key areas to either do better in or to start to be active in for your social media marketing program this year. Comments

14 Social Media ROI Metrics You Can Use Right Now!

shutterstock-75838231 Dec 18, 2012 - The new social metrics include social connections like Facebook likes, Facebook engagement rates, social chatter, and Twitter retweet rates. Comments

Questions to Ask Your Clients

questionsclients Nov 6, 2012 - Media planning doesn't involve traditional sales, but you must get clients to buy into your recommendations. Here are 60 questions to begin with. Comments

Facebook: What Are You Waiting for?

facebook-homepage Oct 9, 2012 - It's time for Facebook to create or buy an existing ad network and throw the weight of its current client base, profiled user base, and sales team against it. Comments

7 Tips to Humanize Your Brand via Social Channels

Sep 12, 2012 - Think of your social channels as business dinners – yes, you’ll talk a little business, but you’ll talk about your personal lives as well. You’re there to get to know your clients (or customers) on a personal level. Comments

What a Facebook Ad Network Might Look Like

Aug 14, 2012 - When is it coming and what will Facebook utilize for targeting? Comments

Socializing Thought Leadership

Jul 17, 2012 - Making your thought leadership materials go viral. Comments

Social Media Marketing and the Brand Embrace

Jun 19, 2012 - A well-executed brand embrace strategy turns prospects into customers, customers into brand loyalists, and loyalists into advocates. Comments

27 LinkedIn Social Media Marketing Tactics

linkedin-logo Apr 24, 2012 - A list of free and paid marketing and media opportunities on LinkedIn. Comments

Talking About This and Facebook Viral Reach

Jan 19, 2012 - How fans amplify reach via engagement. Comments

And Then What…Becoming a Marketing Engineer in 2012

Jan 4, 2012 - If your goal is to make lasting connections with consumers and drive them into a retail environment, then map your way to that. Comments

Social Media + Search Marketing + Online Media = Success

Dec 20, 2011 - Seven ways to integrate these channels and blur the lines between disciplines. Comments

4 Questions for Media Success

Dec 6, 2011 - Building a comprehensive media strategy. Comments

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