Reinventing the CMO

Aug 6, 2012 - The new wave of digital marketing management tools has given today's CMO the ability to measure, normalize, and rationalize marketing. Comments

Looking to Cut Marketing Costs?

Jul 9, 2012 - Putting the squeeze on creative is not the answer. Comments

The Next Big Trend in Digital Marketing: Programmatic Premium

Jun 11, 2012 - Marketers can now serve the right message to the right consumer, reducing waste and improving returns on their guaranteed media investments. Comments

A Call for Transparency: Are Dynamic Price Floors Good for the Industry?

Mar 28, 2012 - As the uptake of real-time bidding for digital display advertising grows, have you ever wondered how the markets operate behind the scenes? Comments

Leading the Agency Evolution

Feb 21, 2012 - Getting to the heart of data-driven mobile advertising with Neo@Ogilvy. Comments

Will Digital Advertising Wait for Your Brand?

Oct 24, 2011 - Brand marketers are still resisting digital. What are the risks and rewards? Comments

5 Ways to Reinvent the AOR for the Digital Age

Oct 17, 2011 - Agencies of record must move from "complain mode" to thrive mode. Here's how. Comments

Can Audience Insights Boost the ROI of Social Media Ads?

Sep 6, 2011 - Savvy marketers can use data and insights from Facebook campaigns to optimize media plans on the "open web." Comments

'Adjust' Your Video Strategies for Better Results

May 2, 2011 - High-quality video inventory and advanced measurement and analytics tools are driving the growth and maturation of video advertising... Comments

Online Advertising Goes Open Source

Mar 7, 2011 - A Q&A with Chris Davey, senior vice president and managing director of SapientNitro. Comments

The Future of Advertising: How Technology Is Transforming Consumer Engagement

Oct 18, 2010 - A Q&A with Adam Cahill, EVP co-media director, Hill Holliday and Jon Verna, managing director, Run Inc. Comments

Search and Display: Has Convergence Arrived?

Aug 23, 2010 - A Q&A with Dax Hamman, VP display media at iCrossing. Comments

Advances in Audience Buying: What's Next?

Jun 2, 2010 - Audience data can greatly enhance the accuracy of demand side platforms and real-time bidding. BlueKai's Omar Tawakol discusses data quality and the future of the data market in a question-and-answer interview. Comments

A 10-Step Guide to Evaluating Demand-Side Platforms

Mar 19, 2010 - DSP technology is all about making more intelligent decisions, so here are some factors to consider. Comments

Tap Into the Real Value of Consumer Data With Real-Time Bidding

Feb 19, 2010 - Target your desired customer with greater precision using real-time bidding and demand side platform optimization. Comments

How to Power Your 2010 Media Plan with Real-Time Bidding

Jan 22, 2010 - An approach to buying display ad media can help meet conversion goals and branding objectives. Here's how. Comments

What Demand-Side Platforms Can Mean for a Media Plan

Dec 14, 2009 - A look at an approach that's designed to remove inefficiencies from the traditional display ad media buying model. Comments

Sizing Up the Sources of Real-Time Ad Inventory

Nov 16, 2009 - Suppliers of real-time ad inventory fall into three categories: ad exchanges, publisher yield optimizers, and ad networks. What makes these suppliers different from traditional exchanges and networks? Comments

Real-Time Bidding: What It Is and Why It Matters

Oct 19, 2009 - The auction media model, which helped to drive the explosive growth of search marketing, now comes to online display advertising. Comments

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