Cingular Sponsors YouTube Underground Talent Hunt

Sep 21, 2006 - the winning musical act will get a video featured on mobile phones via Cingular Video, an appearance on ABC’s "Good Morning America". Comments

'High Five!': MySpace Screenings Promote Borat Flick

Sep 18, 2006 - Simultaneous screenings in six countries kick off a new Comments

Google Slaps Its Sticker on QuickBooks

Sep 14, 2006 - An alliance with Intuit aims for the long tail. Comments

NBC Unveils Online Video Marketplace

Sep 13, 2006 - A syndication play launches with content partners CNET, Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive,, A&E network and others. Comments

Report: Mobile Video Market Jumps 45 Percent

Sep 12, 2006 - Second quarter statistics from mobile industry watcher Telephia peg the market for mobile video content at 3.7 million subscribers. Comments

Yahoo's New Search Touts RSS Format

Feb 19, 2004 - The mega portal's search engine is returning available RSS feeds withinsearch results and integrating those results with its 'My Yahoo' aggregator. Comments

Social Networks In Search of Business Models

Feb 13, 2004 - Social networking tool companies are sizzling as start-up venture investments, but can they make money? Comments

Copyright Office Sets Webcasting Rates

Feb 11, 2004 - Royalty rates are fixed for 2003-2004 with webcasters getting severaloptions to choose from. Comments

Comcast Sees Broadband Dominance in Disney Bid

Feb 11, 2004 - The blockbuster $66 billion takeover bid comes just days after Disney CEO rejects merger talks. Will the House of the Mouse become a new cable ISP gorilla? Comments

Disney Turns to Windows Media for Protection

Feb 9, 2004 - Multi-year pact gives Microsoft a major boost in the content creation and DRM protection markets. Comments

Online Fraud Losses Hit $437M

Jan 23, 2004 - Using stolen identities, fake Internet auctions and fraudulent shop-at-home schemes, online swindlers robbed Americans of a whopping $437.5 million in 2003. Comments

Microsoft To Appeal Latest Browser Ruling

Jan 15, 2004 - UPDATE: The controversial '906 patent spat has taken a new turn with a judgeordering Microsoft to pay $521M in damages, but waiting for an appeal. Comments

FindWhat, Espotting Extend Merger Date

Dec 24, 2003 - Paid listing players try to keep their on-again, off-again marriage plans on again. Comments

Target Spam: NY AG, Microsoft File $38M Suits

Dec 18, 2003 - UPDATE: The allies launch a massive legal offensive against a spam network allegedly responsible for sending more than 250 million junk e-mails daily. Comments

Google Adds Package Tracking

Dec 12, 2003 - The Web search giant goes digging for information on FedEx or UPS parcels. Comments

MiMail Virus Attacking Anti-Spam Groups

Dec 4, 2003 - The latest mutant has been programmed to launch a denial-of-service attack on anti-spam groups like the Spamhaus Project and SpamCops. Comments

Hotmail Gets Anti-Spam Makeover

Dec 2, 2003 - Microsoft's free e-mail has a cleaner look and stronger junk mail filter. Comments

PayPal Phishers Nibble; MailFrontier Blocks

Nov 19, 2003 - A California startup promises relief from a spate of sophisticated'phishing' viruses. Comments

'SmartScreen' Spam Filter Ready for Exchange

Nov 17, 2003 - Microsoft's spam-filtering technology will be ready as an add-on for the Exchange message platform early next year. Gates' New Window On Seamless Computing Comments

ActiveX May Win Reprieve

Nov 12, 2003 - Hold up on those Web code rewrites! Eolas' '906 patent will get scrutinized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Comments

Real Scores with Comcast Rhapsody

Nov 10, 2003 - RealNetworks inks a deal to market its Rhapsody music service to 5 million Comcast broadband subscribers. Comments

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