Packaged Online Branding Solutions

Apr 3, 2002 - Savvy publishers know advertisers want branding solutions, not just impressions. They are creating products that deliver solutions to brand advertisers. Comments

Brand Marketers Speak: iMedia Conference Report

Mar 20, 2002 - Blue chip brands take the Web seriously. No longer an experiment, the Web's an expected component of the mix. If only we could get standards and metrics straight. Comments

Making Video Ads Work

Mar 6, 2002 - When repurposing television or theater ads for the Internet, take some simple steps to adapt the creative to the environment. Comments

Being Specific About Online Branding

Feb 20, 2002 - Many e-marketers say their online advertising objective is branding. But different kinds of branding objectives dictate very different strategic and tactical approaches. Jeffrey tells you how to get the most from your advertising strategy. Comments

Internet Lessons for Small Businesses

Feb 6, 2002 - Big companies aren't the only ones that need to manage their brands online. Comments

Priority No. 1: Cross-Media Measurement

Jan 23, 2002 - If anything will boost Internet advertising into a great leap forward, it's developing a way to measure its impact on cross-media campaigns. Comments

Back to the Future: What 2001 Means for 2002

Jan 9, 2002 - Believe it or not, 2001 wasn't all bad. Some positive industry trends emerged that will help propel 2002 beyond the carnage. Comments

Are Ads Less Effective on Cluttered Sites?

Dec 26, 2001 - Cutting through the clutter - should publishers be cleaning up their sites? Comments

Making Advertisers and UsersHappier: A Case Study

Dec 21, 2001 - An oxymoron? With all the hubbub about ad intrusiveness, you'd think a publisher's attempt to please its advertisers and users would be an exercise in futility. Has Lycos achieved the impossible? Comments

Is Online/Offline Integration Important?

Nov 14, 2001 - A certain school of thought holds that Internet advertising, to be successful in wooing traditional marketers, must adopt the language and metrics to which media buyers are accustomed. But is that the best path? Comments

Online Advertising's Troubled Soul

Oct 31, 2001 - A recent conference on online advertising revealed the anguish of an immature industry in upheaval and transition. Though the all-day discussions didn't solve any problems, the agenda very clearly defined the five issues that must be resolved before... Comments

Why Online Advertising Has to Get Better

Oct 17, 2001 - The bottom-feeder advertising becoming increasingly visible on the Web poses a risk to everyone in the industry. Comments

Putting Products in Place Online

Oct 3, 2001 - When it comes to slipping marketing into unexpected places, the Web can't yet compete with TV or films. But with the help of some innovative thinking, it's beginning to catch up. Comments

Tragedy and Triumph

Sep 19, 2001 - In the days immediately following the attack, many in the online advertising community rallied to do whatever they could to support the effort of putting the city, and the country, back together. Comments

Cross-Media Salvation

Sep 5, 2001 - For at least the last nine months, the industry consensus has been that the future growth of online advertising will come from established (non-dot-com) advertisers. Very simply, they are the only companies with any money left. Comments

Avoiding Online Ad Failure

Aug 22, 2001 - Online advertising is an art, not a science. But online advertisers should keep in mind some guidelines, several based on published research, when planning and executing a campaign. Comments

Balancing Branding With Intrusiveness

Aug 8, 2001 - For years, advertisers have been complaining that plain- vanilla banner ads are too easy to ignore. But as new, more intrusive ad units become more and more common, the question arises, How much is too much? Comments

The Lessons of the X10

Jul 11, 2001 - There's something disturbing about seeing the X10 camera on top-tier sites with valuable content, registered audiences, and good demographics. It's like seeing Susanne Sommers pitching the Thighmaster during "Meet the Press." Comments

Can We Ensure a Future for Wireless Advertising?

Jun 20, 2001 - The growth of the wireless advertising industry depends on a number of factors. One of the most important is whether people will accept, or reject, advertising on their wireless devices. Another is whether we have learned from our mistakes. Comments

Online Advertising: Bouncing Back

Jun 6, 2001 - It has been a tough year so far. It wasn't long ago when everyone knew a millionaire; now you know at least three people who have been laid off. For many, exuberance has given way to insecurity. But the industry is responding in the right way -- with... Comments

Online Advertising's Rich Future

May 9, 2001 - Yahoo! Flying fowl, thundering trucks, wobbling windows... Wondrous wonder of wonders, what's with the Web? Comments

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