This Week's Agenda: Tapping Your Network

Oct 15, 2001 - These are trying times for all of us. So, stay in touch. Comments

Ray of Light

Oct 8, 2001 - PayPal is going public. This is the first Internet IPO in I don't know how long. So let's both celebrate it and analyze it. Comments

This Week’s Agenda: Email Arms Race

Oct 1, 2001 - New whiz-bang rich media email technology simply isn’t as exciting anymore, and it just takes one look into a typical inbox to figure out why. Comments

This Week's Agenda: Patriotic Duty

Sep 24, 2001 - The shock lasted all week, and it's still on many faces. But we've got to get this economy going again. It's not going to happen face to face. It's got to happen online. It will take money to fight this war, and that money must be earned. Comments

This Week's Agenda: How Far Should Publishers Go?

Sep 17, 2001 - The full question is, How far should publishers go in supporting the demands of advertisers for new ad formats, and how far is too far? Comments

This Week's Agenda: Peeling The Onion

Sep 10, 2001 - It's hard to run a business, and keep it running. It's even harder to be consistently funny. So imagine a funny outfit registering not only laughs but also some serious success in business. Peel away the layers, and you'll find lesson after lesson. Comments

This Week's Agenda: Serving Brands With Mild Intrusion

Sep 3, 2001 - In most media, direct marketers and brand advertisers are separated. On the Web, no such separation exists. When the Web ad market collapsed early this year, direct marketers filled the void and forced rates down. Sites that survive need brand advertising... Comments

This Week's Agenda: Shakedown Street

Aug 27, 2001 - "Shakedown Street" was a vision of urban decay and the kindness that lay underneath. That's a good analog for today's Web. Everything seems to be going to pot and shakedowns are in vogue, but some good things are happening out there too. Comments

This Week's Agenda: Avenue A Takes a Turn

Aug 20, 2001 - It's been the toughest of years. The Internet draws 10 percent of the time Americans spend on media while drawing just 2 percent of the ad dollars. Yet, growth is coming, and the word that will accelerate it is "measurement," say Avenue A and Dana. Comments

This Week's Agenda: What Is in Our Interest?

Aug 13, 2001 - If everyone in the online industry is pursuing only theirown, narrow interests, who's defending the interest we holdin common -- the healthy growth of this industry?Meanwhile, people are being made afraid to use the Internet. Comments

This Week's Agenda: Ideas to Dispel the Gloom

Aug 6, 2001 - Throughout this summer of Web discontent, Dana has received a steady stream of notes from entrepreneurs pushing new Web ideas designed to make money, build traffic, and bring the ad market back. The flood of good ideas will surely overwhelm the gloom... Comments

Getting Past the Worst of It

Jul 30, 2001 - Times are tough, but this is a great time to build your personal network, gain new skills, and concentrate on personal growth. Take the time to discover what's really important to you. And get ready for when times are once again good. Comments

This Week's Agenda: The Usability Industry

Jul 23, 2001 - Businesses don't just throw together their video efforts or their print materials. Professions and industries specialize in various aspects of those media. In the same way, Web designers should be turning to usability experts. Comments

Where's the Store?

Jul 16, 2001 - In the real world, stores collect sales taxes from people and then pay the money to local government. But where is the store in cyberspace? Who'll pay how much to whom? And how will the money reach government? Guess who the burden is going to fall... Comments

Bill Gates's Nightmare

Jul 9, 2001 - What if a computer isn't what we think it is? And what if computing isn't defined by Microsoft? Well, that would certainly be Bill Gates's worst nightmare now, wouldn't it? Comments

Get Ready to Grow

Jul 2, 2001 - It's the start of a new fiscal quarter, and for many a new fiscal year. Everything that could be written off has been. The government has again cut interest rates and is about to give away cash to citizens. So what are you doing to get ready for the... Comments

The Week's Agenda: Big Opportunities in Broadband

Jun 25, 2001 - It's not just the Internet that can move in Internet time but also the new markets the Internet creates. Broadband is one such market. It's the one upgrade that seems to stimulate interest in lots of new products and services. Comments

The Week's Agenda: The Most Essential Site

Jun 18, 2001 - Is there one Web site so essential that your life would become really difficult if it disappeared? There is for Dana, and he thinks the answer is the same for you. Comments

The Week's Agenda: Elmer Season

Jun 11, 2001 - It's vewwy, vewwy quiet... So what's up, doc? Buyers and sellers of Internet services and content have just sat down on opposite sides of the negotiating table. Is it going to be open season, or a give-and-take that will benefit both sides? Comments

The Week's Agenda: Look Around

Jun 4, 2001 - Giving ad buyers the metrics they want may mean looking elsewhere for key technology. Europe has some of it. Sites there can tell you things about their users that sites in the United States can only guess at. Comments

Branding, Direct Marketing, and You

May 28, 2001 - Do we want to be able to compete on Madison Avenue again? Will we be able to compete against print, broadcast, and cable on an equal footing? We will, when we figure out what the Internet is capable of. Comments

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