Cynics Can't Write Great Copy

Jan 17, 2002 - When writing and selling on the Web, nothing works like truth, honesty, and warmth. Comments

Can Conglomerates Speak in the First Person?

Jan 3, 2002 - Speaking to your customers in your own voice adds value. Can global conglomerates such as Ford and Sony pull off the use of "I" and "we"? Comments

The Power of the First Person

Dec 20, 2001 - "I," "we," "me," "us" -- every copywriter avoids these words like the plague. Here's why they could work for you online. Comments

Good Copywriters Deserve More Money

Dec 6, 2001 - You pay big bucks for high-tech delivery methods, but how much do you pay for the messages themselves? Nick says you may want to reconsider your priorities. Comments

Briefly Speaking

Nov 15, 2001 - You may have the raw data, but unless you get a creative brief that provides true insights into your audience, your copywriting inevitably suffers. Comments

What Kind of Copywriter Are You?

Nov 1, 2001 - You're good. You're versatile. But are you as versatile as you think? Even our resident copywriting expert discovered -- after two decades on the job -- that no matter how good you are, you can't necessarily write all things for all people. Comments

Email in ’Newspaper Style’

Oct 18, 2001 - Write like a journalist to get your message in front of your customer. Comments

The Beauty of Single-Column, Sequential Text

Oct 4, 2001 - If you are involved with print -- in publishing or advertising -- you know how important it is to make text on a page look good. Comments

Add More Value to That Automated Email

Sep 20, 2001 - Certain emails, we take a great deal of trouble over. We write them carefully and with a clear purpose in mind. But what about those automated ones -- the welcome and thank-you emails generated in response to customer actions at your site? Comments

More About Writing Great Newsletters

Sep 6, 2001 - More and more companies send out "newsletters" that are simply virtual junk mail in disguise. This is bad news for commerce sites genuinely trying to publish quality newsletters that add real value. Comments

The Difference Between Newsletters and Emails

Aug 23, 2001 - In recent months, with every company online using email and newsletters as a form of promotion, the differences between emails and newsletters are blurring. Sites now ask visitors to sign up for a newsletter and then send them promotional emails. Comments

Can Copywriters Write Newsletters?

Aug 9, 2001 - Is a copywriter, in the traditional, offline sense of the word, the individual best qualified to write a good online newsletter? What exactly is a copywriter in the online environment? What separates a copywriter from a content writer or an editorial... Comments

Don't Box In Your Writers

Jul 26, 2001 - Understanding the customer is a key requirement within all sales and marketing environments, including the Web. But there is a small problem: When you listen too hard, you risk losing your own voice. Comments

Let Them Know What Your Site Is About

Jun 28, 2001 - You've heard that tired and trite (and tried and true) line about what you do when you assume... Now think about whether first-time visitors will immediately know what your site is about. You're not assuming that they'll just figure it out, are you... Comments

Avoiding the Shadow of White-Collar Spam

Jun 14, 2001 - What is white-collar spam? It's that particularly insidious stuff that nice, professional people like us send out. Not at all like blue-collar spam -- that nasty, grimy junk email sent out by get-rich-quick con artists and pornographers. Comments

Are You Writing to a Female Audience?

May 31, 2001 - How many in your audience are women? How many of your email or newsletter subscribers are women? How many people who make a purchase or complete some other kind of action at your site are women? Yep, many... Comments

Updating Copy on Your Site

May 21, 2001 - We never completely rewrite and republish our sites. Changes are gradual, and the site evolves. This results in old copy conflicting with updated changes. Dig deep for consistency in evolving information and tone of voice. Comments

Got a High-Risk Moment? Use Strong Copy...

May 7, 2001 - What's a high-risk moment? The point within the customer experience when a decision is made, and that decision can make or break your offer. At times like this, strong copy is critical. Comments

Writers Unite: Stand Up to Usability Experts

Apr 23, 2001 - Just because usability guru Jakob Nielsen once said it's so doesn't make it gospel. Want to make your site copy effective? Write it to meet the needs of today's site users. Comments

It's OK to Write Copy That Sells

Apr 9, 2001 - Don't hesitate to write copy that sells online, or your visitors will get confused. If they're just browsing, they can filter out the sales patter. If they want to buy, they'll need it. Comments

How to Handle Longer Copy

Mar 26, 2001 - Can Web writers and designers use the power of the written word to increase the likelihood that readers click from one page to the next? Try building momentum by breaking text between pages. Comments

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