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Democratic Candidates Attract More Females than Males to Sites

Dec 3, 2007 - According to data provided by Quantcast, the only Republican caAlso, contrary to what some may assume, Bill Richardson's site did not attract the most Hispanics, and Republican Rudy Giuliani's site drew the most younger people. Comments

Presidential Candidates Can't Resist Holiday Appeal in E-mails

Nov 21, 2007 - Special days like Thanksgiving, Halloween and birthdays have been used as e-mail themes recently for top 2008 presidential candidates. Comments

Presidential Hopefuls Go on Attack with Most Ads Ever in October

Nov 16, 2007 - UPDATE: More so than in any other month, candidates went on the attack, and ran a total of nearly 65 million ad impressions in October, according to Nielsen Online AdRelevance. Comments

Thompson Site Traffic Plummets, Paul and Clinton Regain Top Spots

Nov 12, 2007 - Traffic to the Web homes of Democratic candidates has become more reflective of the actual race. Comments

Political Consultants May Spend More in 2008, but Hesitancy Persists

Nov 5, 2007 - Over 45 percent of consultants said they will allocate 6 to 20 percent of their communications budgets to the Web next year, according to E-Voter Institute. Comments

Romney Web Ads Back with Gusto in September

Oct 22, 2007 - UPDATE: Romney For President ran over 22 million Web ad impressions in September, according to Nielsen/NetRatings AdRelevance. Comments

Fred Thompson Grabs Top Presidential Site Traffic Seat

Oct 12, 2007 - Thompson pushed Paul from a longtime top ranking among Republican sites, while Obama remained the top Dem. Comments

Candidates Get Up Close and Personal with E-mail in September

Oct 8, 2007 - As the Q3 Federal Election Commission fundraising reporting deadline loomed, presidential candidates took advantage of the medium to raise cash. Comments

McCain Sticks with No Surrender Message in Web Ads

Sep 27, 2007 - UPDATE: Forty percent of the ads run in August by John McCain 2008 used the No Surrender message according to Nielsen//NetRatings AdRelevance. Comments

McCain Sole Display Ad Candidate in July, Shows AdRelevance

Sep 21, 2007 - UPDATE: Display ad impressions for the Republican Senator have steadily dropped over the past few months, from 11.5 million in April to 125,000 in July. Comments

Top Presidential Campaigns Took Few E-mail Breaks in August

Sep 13, 2007 - Top polling presidential candidates used e-mail to promote campaign events, discuss issues and drive users to sign petitions and watch videos. Comments

Hitwise: Obama and Paul Top Traffic Charts in August, Thompson Shows Strength

Sep 7, 2007 - According to Hitwise, Thompson's site traffic ranked third among all candidates from both parties. Comments

Presidential Primary Underdogs Send E-mail, Too

Aug 10, 2007 - Campaigns for Republican lesser-knowns sent out far fewer messages than their Democratic counterparts. Comments

YouTube Debate May Have Affected Candidate Site Traffic

Aug 2, 2007 - Obama and Paul maintained top positions in the last weeks in July, according to Hitwise. Comments

Raising Presidential Campaign Cash Takes E-mail Form in June

Jul 23, 2007 - The big campaigns used the e-mail platform in June to promote events, tout polling success, and show off whistle-stop campaign photos, all in the hopes of raising cash. Comments

Romney Joins Web Ad Buying, Clinton Drops Out, McCain Still Leads

Jul 10, 2007 - UPDATE: According to AdRelevance information, John McCain 2008 and Romney for President ran ads focused on leadership, the military and wasteful spending. Comments

Study: Edwards Search Campaign Lacks Efficiency, McCain's Is Strong

Jul 3, 2007 - In terms of visibility, McCain came out ahead, showing up prominently in searches for several issue-based terms. Comments

Giuliani Site Visitors Seek Health Content, Clinton's Go for Games and Country Music

Jun 28, 2007 - Behavioral ad network Tacoda measured how likely visitors to presidential campaign sites were to check out certain types of Web content. Comments

Clinton Surpasses Obama in Site Traffic Race, Paul Rockets to First

Jun 27, 2007 - Hitwise data show the ebb and flow of traffic to the official sites of the Democratic and Republican presidential primary candidates. Comments

Candidates Using E-mail for More Than Fundraising in May, June

Jun 11, 2007 - Data from Email Data Source finds top presidential candidates sent anywhere from three to 17 e-mail newsletters each in May and early June. Comments

Clinton on CNN Only, McCain on Conservative Sites and Networks in April

May 29, 2007 - UPDATE AdRelevance data show the two presidential campaigns ran thousands of Web ad impressions during the month of April, but took very different approaches. Comments

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