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Romney Team Hiring 'A Lot' of Digital Staff

May 10, 2012 - Campaign ramping up social media, web development, email and database skills. Comments

Infographic: 2012 Election Web Ad Spending Through March

clickz2012campaignspending-final May 8, 2012 - Infographic showing web ad spending by presidential campaigns through March 2012. Comments

Obama and Democrats Spent $21 Million on Web Ads So Far

obama-michigan May 7, 2012 - Original ClickZ analysis: GOP spent less than half on digital ads through March. Comments

Romney Ad Firm Partners for Big Data on Hispanics

romney-nh-unionleader Apr 30, 2012 - Targeted Victory partners exclusively with one large online Hispanic data firm. Comments

GOP Gears Up Digital Team for Election Season

gop-actionnetwork Apr 26, 2012 - Party hopes corporate execs from ShareThis and Rockfish help it compete with Democrats in 2012. Comments

NBC's Chuck Todd: Obama Beating Romney in Digital

chuck-todd Apr 25, 2012 - Political analyst speaks with ClickZ about the web and this fall's election. Comments

Obama Outspent Romney On Web Ads 2 to 1

romney-jobplanad-9 Feb 14, 2012 - Romney spent far more online in 2011 than his GOP opponents. Comments

Vevo Sells Corporate Sponsorship of Live Obama, Jay-Z Event

vevo-obama-jayz Jan 31, 2012 - Vevo said the event isn’t happening, but sources say advertisers have already bought sponsorships. Comments

Obama Sticks to Jobs Message in Florida Web Ads

obama-orlandosentinel-prefl Jan 27, 2012 - Also in Florida, Mitt Romney is attacking Newt Gingrich online. Comments

Travel Trade Group Jumps on Obama's Tourism Train

travelassoc-votetravel Jan 24, 2012 - In conjunction with the State of The Union address, group uses web ads and video to promote tourism. Comments

Obama Stressed Jobs Issue in Splashy South Carolina Ads

obama-scgood Jan 23, 2012 - Many political analysts believe the 2012 general election will ride on jobs and the economy. In South Carolina, where the unemployment rate is higher than the national average, the issue is especially important, and President Barack Obama's reelection... Comments

Top 10 Facebook Likes of Presidential Candidate Fans

Jan 23, 2012 - Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate whose fans collectively don't count The Bible in their top non-political Facebook page likes. Comments

Obama Ad Trend Emerges in New Hampshire

obama-nh-unionleaderhomepage2 Jan 10, 2012 - Just as it did in Iowa, his campaign buys homepage of top newspaper site in conjunction with today's primary. Comments

Romney Still Leads GOP Field in Online Ad Spending

mittromneyvideo Oct 27, 2011 - Still, Obama and the DNC are far outspending Republican presidential hopefuls. Comments

Gay Rights Emerge as Early Issue for Obama Camp Online

obama-dadt-video9 Sep 20, 2011 - Facebook ads and video push on key marriage equality issues that could spur 2012 voter activism. Comments

DNC Pushes Obama Jobs Plan in Video Ads

obama-dnc-video-jobs Sep 16, 2011 - Meanwhile, Obama camp targets marriage equality voters on Facebook. Comments

Michelle Shows Up in Obama 2012 Ads

obama2012-needshelp2-8 Sep 2, 2011 - The First Lady has joined the President in ads running across the web. Comments

Huntsman, Romney, and Perry Hit YouTube to Push Jobs Agendas

huntsman-factory Sep 1, 2011 - GOP videos contrast with Obama's which are aimed at rousing base supporters into volunteer action. Comments

Obama and DNC Spent Over $1 Million on 2012 Web Ads

obama-announcementad1 Jul 18, 2011 - Indicates commitment to digital media for fundraising and volunteer organizing. Comments

Obama Builds Data Team That Could Inform Digital Ads, Social

obama-2012announce-fb4 Jul 15, 2011 - Reelection camp develops what could be the most innovative internal political data operations ever. Comments

Obama Administration Wants Privacy Rule to Work Worldwide

cameronkerry-doc Jun 29, 2011 - Commerce Department wants privacy legislation to influence regulations worldwide. Comments

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