Campaign '08


Connecticut Dem Uses Web Ads for Persuasion Push

Nov 1, 2010 - Rather than simply go after signups and donations, Connecticut gubernatorial hopeful Dan Malloy has used Web ads to educate and persuade voters. Comments

Google, Facebook Present as Maryland Passes New Political Advertising Law

Jun 4, 2010 - Representatives from Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and AOL descended on a Maryland State Board of Elections meeting on rules governing social media and online ads by political campaigns. Comments

Campaign '08: A Turning Point For Digital Media

book-campaign08-katekaye Feb 20, 2009 - If most media outlets covering the presidential campaigns had anything to say about it, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, and other social media phenomena would get all the credit for making 2008 the most digital election ever. But that's only half the Web... Comments

Google Grabbed Most of Obama's $16 Million in 2008

Jan 6, 2009 - The big names in online media, including several ad networks, collected the bulk of Obama campaign cash; McCain's campaign spent far less than Obama's. Comments

McCain and Obama Used Web to Persuade in Final Weeks

Dec 1, 2008 - Women were a target of display ads in the last two months of the election season. Comments

McCain Camp Spent Fraction of Obama's Online Ad Budget

Nov 17, 2008 - The McCain campaign spent just over $1.5 million on Web media, mostly on Google search ads. Comments

Over Long Campaign, Obama Videos Drew Nearly a Billion Views

Nov 7, 2008 - Obama outpaced McCain in video uploads and views, says divinity Metrics. Comments

Obama's Online Ad Spend Approached $8 Million

Nov 6, 2008 - The president-elect's campaign shelled out nearly $8 million through October on Google, Yahoo, Facebook, news sites, ad networks, and in-game ad network Massive. Comments

Undecided: What Was Digital's Impact on the Election?

Nov 5, 2008 - Speakers at ad:tech NY weigh in on the influence of digital marketing in the 2008 elections. Comments

Web Ads Mattered More than Ever in '08 Election

Nov 4, 2008 - The Web won't pose a threat to TV ad spending anytime soon, but the last two years have moved the medium light years ahead when it comes to its significance to political campaigns. Comments

Kerry PAC Asks for Google Ad Cash to Battle for Obama

Oct 28, 2008 - The Democratic Massachusetts Senator's PAC asks supporters specifically for donations toward Google ads to fight smears against Barack Obama. Comments

Al Franken Bears Brunt of Republican Web Attacks

Oct 23, 2008 - The National Republican Senatorial Committee takes aim online at Minnesota Senate hopeful Al Franken, and other candidates in several tight Senate races. Comments

AARP Video Puts Individual Voters On The Ballot

Oct 23, 2008 - Election-themed video is part of organization's Divided We Fail effort. Comments

Online Political Ad Spending Forecast Lowered

Oct 22, 2008 - Borrell Associates reduced expectations for all political ad spending this election, but foresees an uptick for Web ad expenditures in coming elections. Comments

Local Candidates Went Beyond Fundraising in Summer Web Ads

Oct 20, 2008 - This summer, when local campaigns were getting underway, candidates for Senate on down to County Property Appraiser used Web ads to familiarize citizens with their names and stances on the issues. Comments

McCain/YouTube Dustup Indicates Importance of Political Web Video

Oct 16, 2008 - YouTube isn't about to change its policy on removing videos for John McCain or anyone else, but some McCain foes even feel the campaign's video pain. Comments

Air America Gears up for Digital Relevance

Oct 9, 2008 - The media firm has hired its first chief digital officer and plans to launch a small vertical ad network with like-minded left-leaning publications. Comments

DNC Aims for Hispanic Voter Registration with Iraq Message

Oct 3, 2008 - August Web ads from the Democratic National Committee were part of broader efforts by the organization and Barack Obama’s campaign. Comments

Google Grabs Most of Obama's $5 Million in Online Ad Spending

Sep 5, 2008 - Nearly 59 percent, more than $3 million, of Obama's campaign coffers have been doled out to Google so far this year, according to FEC reports compiled by ClickZ News. Comments

Advocacy Groups Use Conventions to Push Issues, Candidates Online

Aug 29, 2008 - EMILY's List and biotech industry association BIO are using targeted Web ads to get the attention of convention goers and watchers Comments

New DNC Ads for Obama Turn Up in Red Light District Online

Aug 26, 2008 - Yesterday, ads paid for by the Democratic National Committee and Barack Obama's campaign showed up on an array of local Clear Channel rock radio station sites featuring lascivious content. Comments

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