Boss and worker

The Transformational Boss

Apr 10, 2014 - Great bosses can have a huge impact on the course of your life, possibly guiding you toward something you love or steering you away from something you're not right for. Comments

So, What Do You Do for a Living?

14-02-11-what-do-you-do-b Feb 13, 2014 - Examples of the meme "What my clients think I do, what my boss thinks I do, what I think I do, what I really do," as adapted for the life of a digital analyst. Comments

The Losing Game of Comparison

comparison-shutterstock-132136220 Feb 13, 2014 - Many of us assume that our careers will follow a set linear path, but often that is not the case. Instead of dwelling on what you expected the trajectory to look like, focus on your strengths and the value you bring to a group. Comments

5 Budgeting Tips for Freelance Marketers

budgetshutterstock-112261523 Jan 31, 2014 - Five tips for how to effectively manage your finances, including cutting food costs, planning for long-term savings, tapering spending, and looking for unorthodox ways to save cash. Comments

5 Talent Trends in Digital Right Now

audition Oct 27, 2013 - Hiring is not easy in our industry, particularly in Asia. Here's my attempt to understand what the challenges are. Comments

The Evolving Role of the Media Planner

social-media-marketing-megaphone Oct 24, 2013 - Columnist Anna Papadopoulos reflects on her journey from upstart print journalist into media planning, in the age the digital opportunity truly came to life. How has planning evolved since and what can we expect in future? Comments

Don't Let an Email Ruin Your Career (or Weekend)

angry-at-email Aug 29, 2013 - There's definitely a place for email in the workplace and in our personal affairs, but here are some clear situations where email is not a good option. Comments

Ashton Kutcher and Digital Analytics

ashton-kutcher Aug 19, 2013 - What an actor/investor can teach us about our work and lives. Comments

Lack of Jobs Is Not the Problem, We Have a Shortage of Skills

bad-email Aug 15, 2013 - And it's about time we did something about it as an industry. Comments

Beach Reads for Business

open-book Aug 13, 2013 - Five books that every business reader should look into on their next beach vacation. Comments

Getting Rid of the Summer Doldrums

heat-wave Aug 1, 2013 - Five tips to make sure that come Labor Day your boss won't be screaming about the lack of progress on that major client project. Comments

2 Lessons Learned From Interviewing

interviewing Jul 15, 2013 - If you're a B2B customer interviewing providers for your business, remember to listen and clarify and speak the same language. Comments

Let It Rain

raining-documents Jun 26, 2013 - Four life lessons learned from home renovations that you can apply to your career. Comments

What Does Your Cube Say About Your Company?

cubicle Jun 13, 2013 - Not you, not your colleague, but your corporate culture. Comments

Being Present at Home and at Work

career-and-family May 2, 2013 - The only thing that matters is what works for your family at the time you're making the decision. Comments

Do's and Don'ts for Choosing the Right Recruiter to Get You Your Next Role

shutterstock-123932671 Mar 21, 2013 - Having the right recruiter, and sharing the right information, can lead to the right role with the right company. Comments

On Teamwork

team Mar 14, 2013 - Good managers don't clean up messes; instead, they support others in cleaning up their own mess or show them how to avoid the mess to begin with. Comments

CMO Survival Guide

cmo-test Mar 11, 2013 - A look at the six key behaviors that will improve your chances of surviving beyond the average CMO tenure. Comments

Tips and Tricks to a Great Video Interview

online-video Feb 21, 2013 - Seven pointers for making the best of your video interview. Comments

The Unofficial Guide to Annual Reviews

reviews Feb 14, 2013 - What is the question you ask yourself each day, and is it the right question? Comments

Recharge Your Career (and Yourself) in 2013

recharge Dec 20, 2012 - As you plan for the new year, remember that many of the things impacting your career may have very little to do with your actual job. Comments

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