Siemens Taps Tumblr as Recruitment Tool

Aug 7, 2013 - The Tumblr, The Manager’s Call, invites participants in the Siemens Graduate Program to debate topics like business, workforce and career. Comments

Creating a Meaningful Tumblr Campaign

college-humor Jul 25, 2013 - The success of Tumblr campaigns depends on the ability of brand marketers to make their ads and blogs as interesting as the user-generated content they'll ultimately sit alongside. Comments

Rebranded Piqora Adds Tumblr and Instagram Analytics for Brands

piqora Jul 23, 2013 - Piqora aims to enable companies to track hashtag campaigns, images and brand advocates on the three networks through a single dashboard. Comments

Union Metrics Adds Tumblr Analytics for Small Businesses and Bloggers

tumblr-analytics Jul 17, 2013 - Union Metrics, the San Francisco-based company that offers analytics for Tumblr and Twitter, this week rolled out free and low-cost analytics for small businesses and individual bloggers on Tumblr. Comments

Is Short the New Marketing Must?

burberry-instagramimage Jul 4, 2013 - As you plan your campaigns, think of social media services and sites in terms of the behavior they're likely to provoke, and match your content accordingly. Comments

Social Advertising: Worth a Thousand Words

overly-connected Jul 1, 2013 - Just as digital display advertising reshaped the ad sector with its focus on targeting and data, the growth of social advertising is forcing brands to rethink and redefine their approach yet again. Comments

In Spite of Uncertainty, Native Ad Spending Grows

yahoo-stream Jun 27, 2013 - Whether you've already allocated part of your ad budget to this segment or are considering doing so in the year to come, this is a subject worthy of careful scrutiny. Comments

3 Low-Risk Ways to Do Digital Media

better-with-mms Jun 20, 2013 - Much of being a successful advertiser online is about sending a message without disrupting the experience consumers hold dear. Sometimes it's the quietest voice that has the most to say. Comments

IWNY: Creative Alive and Kicking in Era of Native Ads

internetweek May 23, 2013 - With all the talk about data analytics in the advertising business, it can often seem creative is dead. Not so, said executives gathered on Tuesday to discuss social advertising at Internet Week in New York. Comments

The New Ad Strategy: Be Polite

huff-post-cisco May 23, 2013 - Brands used to generate as many impressions and clicks as possible, which required endless user interruptions and bold calls-to-action. Now digital advertising is about being polite. Comments

What Social Fragmentation Means for Marketers

fragmentation May 17, 2013 - Just because the social fanbase is hanging out in different places, doesn't mean brands can't build effective campaign bridges between those fragmented audiences. Comments

GE Celebrates Tech and Science Discovery With Wonderground App

ge-mural May 15, 2013 - GE Wonderground, a new desktop and mobile game released for the iPhone last month, is designed to inform or reintroduce consumers to the 121-year-old company’s long history in science, design and industrial technology. Comments

5 Social Media Contests to Complement Ad Campaigns

alicia-keys-bb May 9, 2013 - Whether you choose the social site that currently hosts the greatest number of your fans or the one you're most eager to infiltrate next, a social media contest will complement your ad campaigns. Comments

Twitter Refines and Widens Ad Platform for U.S. Users

twitterbird May 1, 2013 - Twitter's self-serve ad platform is now available to all U.S. users, rather than just on an invitation-only basis. Comments

Tumblr Turns to Mobile Ads as Pressure Mounts for Greater Revenue

images Apr 29, 2013 - Less than a year after Tumblr made the inevitable decision to place ads on its site, the company is now introducing sponsored posts to its mobile apps. During a trial period that will carry through the end of May, Tumblr’s mobile apps users will begin... Comments

Oxygen Media Partners With Tumblr to Take Social TV Further

oxygen Apr 26, 2013 - Tumblr and Oxygen will start to work together to bring user-made GIFs to its programming in real time. The move is aimed to further enhance the connection between television and social media. Comments

Tumblr - Untapped Marketing Goldmine

tumblr Jan 29, 2013 - A look at how small businesses are using Tumblr as a marketing and promotion tool. Comments

Cinemax Uses GIFs for Digital Tie-In to Banshee Premiere

banshee-cinemax Jan 14, 2013 - Premium cable channel Cinemax is seeking to keep viewers buzzing online about its new show Banshee-- a dark thriller from True Blood creator Alan Ball that premiered on Friday-by offering entire episodes online as a series of animated GIF's, a format... Comments

Tiffany's Tumblr Showcases 175 Years of Jewels

tumblr-screen-shot-2 Dec 5, 2012 - The jeweler's new Tumblr will include content from various stages in its 175-year history. Comments

Campbell Soup Trying to Attract Millenials With Digital Content

campbell-s-go-soups-all Nov 23, 2012 - Campbell Soup Company has launched a new line of bold-flavored soups in microwaveable packaging and is trying to cultivate a whimsical, humorous personality for the line to attract Millennials. Comments

Brooklyn Nets Pushes Its Digital Game

brooklyn-nets-2 Oct 25, 2012 - As excitement builds for the Brooklyn Nets first home game on November 1 and the borough prepares to welcome its first professional sports team since 1957, the Nets are hard at work rolling out digital content to engage Brooklynites, Nets fans and... Comments

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