Bizarre Mets “Joe Dunkin’ ” Campaign

I was just checking out the Mets site (yes, I am an addict), and noticed an intriguing yet bizzare campaign from Dunkin’ Donuts. Display ads featuring a phoney “Joe Dunkin’ ” player card lead to a short video clip in which “players” during spring training are stroking Joe’s bald head. (These supposed players are not recognizable as actual Mets, though they may be guys who tried out for the team this spring. Most likely they’re just actors).


Superstition is super important to baseball players, and all I can gather from this almost creepy video is that Dunkin’ wants to establish the idea that by stroking Joe’s head, they get good luck. Who knows?

Anyway, I expect to see more installments of this campaign, which to be honest, seems as though it would make a lot more sense for a basketball sponsorship than baseball (dunkin, get it?) or, a Yankees-related effort (remember Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio?).

As Mets fans are aware, the team (everybody but shortstop Jose Reyes) have all had their heads shaved in the past few days for reasons unknown. I’m just hoping and praying this ad campaign has nothing to do with the shearing shenanigans!

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