ClickZ’s Content Calendar 2024

Below you will find an outline of  ClickZ’s content calendar for upcoming quarters of 2024.

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CMO Insights is a monthly interview series that showcases the perspectives and strategies of trailblazing marketing leaders across industries. Each month, we sit down with a different Chief Marketing Officer to explore their journey, the current marketing trends and challenges they’re navigating, their innovative approaches to brand building and customer engagement, and their vision for driving impactful marketing campaigns that resonate with today’s audiences.


CMO Insights: Changes to your team’s day-to-day in Q1 that improved your KPIs/success metrics

This article will summarise an interview with a CMO on their reflections on changes that resulted in their team’s successes in Q1 2024. This piece will explore what success looks like, KPIs set for the team to accomplish, and ways to track these across the marketing team.

Affiliate marketing: A brief history and Current State of Play

An in-depth review of affiliate marketing then vs now, how it has been affected by Google’s Phase-Out of Third-Party Cookies and short analyses of B2B and B2C success stories.

Earth Month Feature: Marketing Success Story of TALA

An in-depth look into TALA’s sportswear launch timeline, their progressive ethical and sustainability mission and social media strategies.

How SaaS companies are using TikTok for B2B marketing

This piece will explore innovative approaches and successful case studies showcasing the platform’s potential for driving brand awareness, engaging audiences, and generating leads in the dynamic world of software-as-a-service.


Redefining ROIs around buying intent

Explore how businesses are adapting their strategies to measure and optimize ROI based on the evolving landscape of consumer behavior, intent-driven marketing initiatives and new attribution platforms.

New AI brand storytelling tools

This piece will delve into innovative technologies and strategies that leverage artificial intelligence to craft compelling narratives, enhance customer engagement, and drive brand success in the digital age.

Leveraging generative AI to increase conversion rates in marketing funnels

An in-depth review of how businesses are harnessing the power of AI-generated content to personalize messaging, optimize user experiences, and drive higher conversion rates across various stages of the marketing funnel.

Mental health awareness month: Marketing success stories

A highlight of how various brands’ innovative marketing strategies, thoughtful messaging, and authentic engagement are driving meaningful conversations, breaking stigma, and fostering support for mental health awareness month.


B2B affiliate marketing strategy guide

This piece will explore proven tactics, best practices, and expert insights to drive growth, expand reach, and boost revenue through strategic partnerships in the B2B landscape through affiliate marketing.

Now vs then: Omnichannel marketing attribution

This piece will cover a brief history of marketing attribution and the shifting landscape of data analytics, consumer behavior tracking, and attribution models today to summarise the latest strategies for accurately measuring the impact of omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Pride month: Brand highlights

Discover how brands are celebrating and supporting LGBTQ+ communities during Pride month with our insightful brand highlights article. From inclusive campaigns to meaningful initiatives, explore how businesses are championing diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Aligning your brand to your GenZs’ values

Explore actionable strategies and case studies that showcase how businesses can authentically connect with this influential demographic, driving engagement and loyalty through shared values of sustainable, ethical and social responsibilities.


Leveraging AI tools to improve SEO

This piece will cover innovative SEO techniques that leverage artificial intelligence to optimize website performance, boost search engine rankings, and drive organic traffic growth and long-term engagement.

Summer Olympics feature: An evaluation of sponsorships and marketing success

Explore the successes, challenges, and innovation behind various brands’ efforts to capitalize on one of the world’s biggest sporting events, and uncover key lessons for future marketing endeavors to commemorate the start of the Summer Olympics.

Emoji Day: Using Emojis to optimise marketing performance

Delve into the science behind using emojis effectively to enhance engagement, convey emotion, and connect with audiences across various digital platforms, driving impactful results for your marketing campaigns today.

Things to include in your social media strategy – Reflections from the first half of 2024

An in-depth review of successful key tactics, emerging platforms, and innovative approaches from the first half of 2024 to implement to your social media efforts in the 2nd half of the year.


Women’s Equality Day feature: CEOs

Gain insights from prominent female leaders and industry experts as we highlight initiatives, challenges, and successes in driving progress towards greater diversity and inclusion at the executive level.

Addressing data privacy concerns

An analysis of the current state of data privacy requirements in the US and Europe and expert guided techniques to effectively increase brand safety and customer loyalty.

A review of AI-driven marketing platforms

Explore and compare the most popular AI-driven marketing platforms, innovative features, and real-world applications reshaping the marketing landscape today. Learn how AI is revolutionizing campaign optimization, personalization, and performance measurement for businesses in our case study analyses.

International Dog Day: Brand highlights

From heartwarming campaigns to innovative product launches, discover how brands are leveraging this special day to connect with audiences, showcase their values, and foster engagement through the universal love for dogs.


Should you integrate gamification into your marketing strategy?

This piece will explore the benefits, challenges, and best practices of integrating gamified elements into your campaigns, and gain valuable insights to determine whether gamification is the right fit for your brand’s objectives.

In house marketing vs media agency?

Uncover the pros and cons of managing marketing efforts in-house versus outsourcing to a media agency in our comprehensive article. Delve into key considerations such as cost, control, expertise, and scalability to help you make informed decisions about the most effective approach for your business’s marketing needs.

What digital marketers need to know: GenAI regulation compliance

An analysis of the current state of play of GenAI regulations and compliant digital marketing strategies through our B2B and B2C case studies.