Gettin’ Schooled on Local Ad Tech

localadworld.gifI hit the Local Ad World conference here in NYC yesterday. I happened to be asked to moderate a panel on Localized Advertising Across All Media. In preparation for the conference, I learned a lot about what’s out there when it comes to localizing campaigns on TV, print and radio (not stuff we typically cover here at ClickZ) and of course, online.

The panelists and I talked topics such as legal compliance and agency adoption of new technologies for local advertising. The legalese is a major headache for companies like Cingular, which must make sure its terms and conditions are appropriate for each state it runs spots in.

On the agency front, many have yet to discover the really interesting technologies that are helping national brands with local presences (retailers, restaurant franchises, car dealers, bank branches, etc.) run ads with locally-relevant content while maintaining a cohesive brand message.

Here are a few:

Novus Print Media
Live Technology
SoftWave Media Exchange (SWMX)
Spot Runner
Shop Local
Visible World

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