How to Find a Job Using Recruiters and Ads

So how do you actually find a job?

That may sound like a stupid question with an obvious answer. In reality, many people struggle to find the best path that leads to an interview and a shiny new job. The first thoughts that typically come to mind? Contact recruiters and look at job advertisements online and in the press. Yes, printed media still exists and companies advertise jobs there. The Internet doesn’t rule the world quite yet, although it is getting there.

Let’s first consider long-hanging fruit: recruiters. It should not be too difficult to find recruiters who operate in your job sector and submit a curriculum vitae (CV) to them. They generally will be advertising across multiple job boards and sites online and you can apply direct to their ads. Ask friends and colleagues which recruiters they’ve used in the past and would recommend. By this, I do not necessarily mean the recruitment firm, but the actual individual recruiter or head hunter. Run a LinkedIn search on the recruiter’s name as they may have moved firm. It’s a simple fact that some recruitment consultants are far better and more connected than others, even within the same firms. Let the recruiter know that you have been recommended to them, too, as this will make them far more likely to reply to you.

The next well-oiled standard for finding a job: advertisements online and in the press. Every country has local specific job boards as well as industry niche ones. A search on Google or Bing will easily identify these. Like finding a recruiter, it’s worth asking people you know which sites and publications have been successful for them in the past. Many industry specific blogs and news sites now also have career sections and should not be overlooked as many companies advertise here. LinkedIn is another prime example of a site that carries many advertisements for new roles.

Industry press as well as national media also is still a good source of identifying open positions that you can apply for. Old school rules still apply in the modern digital world and will do for many years to come.

With the obvious routes addressed, let’s take a look at more proactive methods for finding work compared to reactive. When you apply to an advertised role, you are most likely one of many. Can you honestly, hand on heart, say you are the best person in the mix? Maybe yes and maybe no.

So how do you find a role that is not being advertised and one that you may very well be the only person applying for? Simple, do a little digging around online. As a head hunter, I am aware that many firms are always on the look out for experienced people but simply do not advertise the fact. This is where you can find a great job with little or no competition. And let’s be honest, the business will know you have put a little extra effort in finding them and will look favorably on this.

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