Impaqt Unveils Intelligent Landing Pages

Search engine marketing (SEM) firm Impaqt today unveiled a new Intelligent Landing Pages (ILP) offering product, allowing paid search advertisers to dynamically deliver a targeted rich media landing page on their site.

The company plans to offer the product both to its own clients and to other agencies.

“The landing page is the next big battleground for search marketers to compete in,” said Richard Hagerty, Impaqt CEO. “This application allows our clients to creatively guide searchers through multiple conversion processes initiated through search and measure the success of the initiative within one tool.”

The ILP technology captures click-stream and on-page analytics in real time as the searcher interacts with the page. Each user’s profile and actions determine what content is served, so even two users who search on the same keyword could be targeted with different content, based on geo-targeting, census and lifestyle demographics, engine profiling and behavioral data.

The advertiser decides beforehand what content will be shown as a result of these metrics, based on research and mapping information. Content, offer and messaging decisions are based on the collective behavior of all users.

As the searcher further interacts with the page, the Flash-based application determines the most relevant rich media, text and conversion choices to deliver. Applications like single screen checkout, multi-screen video and interactive demos can be delivered through the page, with built-in data collection and behavioral analysis capabilities.

Hagerty thinks ILPs will be especially attractive to advertising agencies whose clients want to engage in search marketing. “We’ve always had a problem with agencies understanding search enough to sell it. With this, agencies can get back into creative. This is something they can grasp,” he said.

Agencies will profit from developing video or Flash content, while Impaqt will create the application, track and manage it.

The product is currently being beta-tested by travel and education clients, and will soon be tested in a retail environment. Hagerty said the product is suitable for marketers in many different industries — anything that needs information to describe it.

“The videos don’t have to be TV-quality ads. Just something that tells and shows a story,” Hagerty said. “They can be as simple as sitting in front of a video camera, elaborating on your customer service or feature sets.”

Impaqt has been working on the ILP technology for nine months, but development stepped up in August with the release of the latest version of Flash, which added advanced video features which make this offering possible.

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