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ClickZ Intelligence harnesses the world’s leading community
of marketers and ecommerce professionals to provide the actionable insights your business needs
to excel in a digital world.

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How we help your business succeed

Improve customer acquisition

The ability to increase sales and grow market share boils down to winning new customers in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Our research is aimed at giving you the best chance of running successful customer acquisition programmes.

Enhance customer experience

We provide research which can make a positive difference to your relationships with customers. Our content is aimed at helping you address the major strategic challenges relating to CX, while also providing practical tips to help you improve the user experience … whether desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Reduce costs

Precarious global economic circumstances mean that all companies need to keep a closer eye on costs than ever. Our insights can help your organization achieve this objective, whether through more efficient use of your marketing budget or improved digital interaction which reduces your offline customer service expenditure.

What we offer

Digital market data

Our aggregated and proprietary information helps you understand the marketplace so you can make more informed and data-driven decisions.

Access to analysts

Have a question or need data quickly? Subscribers can query our analysts to find information fast.

Trend reports

The latest insights harvested from our conferences and international communities of digital leaders and practitioners, aggregated and distilled by our analysts.

Best practice guides

Practical insights and clear recommendations to set and achieve your goals, based on case studies from a range of sectors and brands.

Online learning

Access to best-in-class digital learning programmes, successfully equipping organizations for the digital age and creating marketing and ecommerce leaders of the future.

Brand database

Our sector-specific reports contain in-depth profiles of companies which feed into a brand database. You can benchmark against competitors or deepen your knowledge of clients or prospects.

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