Social Customer Service: Best Practice Guide

What you’ll learn

Modern customer service through open channels can be extremely valuable, but also carries a share of risk, so it is understandable that some businesses may err on the side of caution.

We provide a framework for any business beginning its customer service journey, or those with established teams that want to handle conversations more efficiently, benchmark and improve response times, or gain inspiration and examples from the businesses leading the field.

Using a range of case studies and data, we’ll build a model for assembling a team, choosing tools and implementing a responsive and valuable customer service programme via your social channels.

This report will help you understand:

  • The state of social media customer service
  • How different companies are approaching social as a customer service tool
  • Issues marketers should consider before assigning the customer service function
  • The process of escalation
  • How to gauge success in social media customer service
  • How fast the largest companies respond to queries via Twitter
  • Examples of social media customer service best practice

Who is the report aimed at?

This guide has been written primarily for marketers, but is equally applicable to customer service professionals working with digital channels. It has been designed to help you set strategy, but also contains examples of practitioner-level best practice to aid with implementation.

List of contributors / experts

  • Guy Stephens, Social Customer Care Consultant, IBM
  • Sophie Loras, Asia Editor at ClickZ
  • Tereza Litsa, Writer at ClickZ

About the author

Matt Owen is Head of Social at, and Head of Inbound Marketing for BlueSense, a proximity marketing technology business.

Matt has worked in the social media and content marketing field for the past decade, advising companies on their internal and external communication strategies.